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Ask Don #2: Fighting Satan, Tits on a Belly, And Marijuana in MMA

(Don Frye is holding a revolver. Your argument is invalid.) 

These days, Don Frye is less an MMA fighter, more a philosophizer on facial hair, poontang, and the keys to being an alpha male in every given situation that life presents. Don’t get us wrong, Frye will still lay the boots to any hooley-hoo punk-ass jabroni who’s asking for it at the drop of a hat, but thanks to our recent “Ask Don” mailbag column, we’ve been lucky enough to set Frye’s legendary MMA status aside and simply pry into his mind in the hopes that maybe some of it will rub off on our measly, pathetic lives. So check out his latest dose of sagacity below, make sure to leave your own questions in the comments section, and then visit to buy some stuff that will instantly skyrocket your popularity with the ladies.

bgoldstein asks: Don, I heard you were doing some stunt-work recently for a movie. Like, you weren’t in the movie, you were just stunt-manning for some other actor. The fuck is up with that?

I enjoy stunt work. I am paid extra by the theatrical community to do the stunt work instead of acting work. Due to my extraordinary talent, all would forget about Brando, Olivier, and DeNiro when I am performing dialogue and emotions in front of the camera. Can you imagine Don Frye performing emotions in front of the camera? (Ed note: No. No I can not.) 


Big Time Actor Alert: Don Frye Intimidates Movie Audiences with Role in “Public Enemies”

Don Frye
(Big deal, so you went to Julliard.  Don Frye studied at the prestigious Pride FC Institute for the Performing Arts.)

As those of you who rushed to the movie theater to see the John Dillinger film “Public Enemies” already know, MMA icon Don Frye brings some much-needed mustacheness to the movie in his role as Clarence Hurt.  This is a pretty big deal for Frye, whose previous movie roles have included such characters as “Nation Member” and “Soldier Ant” and “Long-Haired Aryan Brother.”  This is a summer blockbuster movie in which he actually has a character name and as many as one (1) lines.  Okay, it’s not so much a line as it is two words, but the way he delivers those two words makes Johnny Depp look like even more of a pussy.  Congrats, Don.  You do us all proud.