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Tag: Don Frye vs. Dave Herman

Don Frye Is Fixin’ To Do Some Work, Son

Don Frye weigh-ins
(‘You call that a mustache? Shit, kid. My wife’s got that thing beat.’)

How can you tell that Don Frye is one old school son of a bitch?  He keeps his watch on, which, when combined with his sweet ‘stache, means he now has two things in common with the dudes in low-budget porn movies.  In case you were thinking that there isn’t any MMA popping off this weekend, Frye and Dave "Pee Wee" Herman would like to remind you that they’re squaring off at tonight’s Shark Fights "Stars & Stripes" event in Amarillo, Texas.  Frye (20-7-1) weighed in at a svelte 235 pounds for this fight, while the 6’5" Herman (14-1) clocked in at 239.

Actually, for a card that takes place at the Amarillo Civic Center, it’s a decent line-up.  Aside from the next stage in Frye’s ‘Something’s Got to Get Me By Until I Can Collect Social Security’ Comeback Tour, you’ve also got Gerald Harris vs. Nissen Osterneck in a match-up of guys who were briefly employed by the UFC.  And that doesn’t even take into account the prelims, which feature this guy: