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Video: Notorious Hockey Enforcer Donald Brashear Wins MMA Debut

Still got it

Let’s all be completely honest for a minute: If Patrick Cote didn’t get all Rick James on Todd Brown at the weigh-ins, last night’s Ringside 11 in Quebec would have completely flown under our radars. That would have been unfortunate. Aside from a pair of UFC cast-offs fighting to remain relevant, the event also featured the MMA debut of the notorious hockey enforcer Donald Brashear. At 39 years old, Brashear probably isn’t going to be the next Steve Bosse, but at least he is not the next Jose Canseco.

Brashear fought with the same aggression he displayed in the NHL, immediately rushing his opponent, Mathieu Bergeron and dropping him. From there, Brashear just kept punching while Bergeron flopped around the cage trying to get back to his feet. Bergeron eventually laid out, bringing the stoppage only 21 seconds into the fight. also reports that after the fight, Brashear said that he would fight MMA again.

Video after the jump. For the record, I’m not exactly sure who shot this footage, or who decided the video needed a DMX song instead of the actual crowd noise. Whoever you are, you may want to shake your camera a lot less next time.


Notorious Hockey Enforcer Donald Brashear Signs One-Fight Deal With Ringside MMA

(See? He’s already more qualified than Herschel Walker.)

As first reported by MMADieHards, legendary hockey brawler Donald Brashear has signed a one-fight contract with the Canadian-based Ringside MMA promotion. No date or first opponent has been confirmed for his debut; Brashear had not applied for a fighting license as of Thursday, and Quebec’s sissy-ass gaming commission might put him under extra scrutiny because of an alleged assault incident that occurred at the end of a LNAH hockey game on March 25th. Brashear currently plays for the Rivière-du-Loup CIMT, whatever that is.

During his 1993-2010 stint as an enforcer in the NHL — during which he logged time for the Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, and New York Rangers — Brashear racked up 2,634 penalty minutes, the 15th-highest penalty total in the history of the NHL. He also managed to record 85 goals and 125 assists when he wasn’t punching dudes’ teeth out. adds more…