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Wait Until You Hear What Nate Diaz Said About Dana White [UPDATED]

(Does this look like the face of guy who would duck a fight? / Photo via Getty.)

Remember when the UFC showed they could still book great matches when they paired off Khabib Nurmagomedov and Gilbert Melendez? And remember how they canceled that fight for no reason?

The UFC apparently had other plans for Nurmagomedov—the kind that involved a fight against Nate Diaz. According to Dana White, Diaz wanted none of it.

Needless to say, Diaz wasn’t happy with White’s words. He rushed to twitter to protect his Stockton street-cred.


We all probably think our bosses are full of shit to some extent, but saying it in public isn’t the smartest idea.


Video Tribute: The Five Most Memorable Post-Fight Cage Confrontations in MMA History

(Quick poll – Which is funnier: Miller’s hair or Shields’ attempt at a mean mug?) 

You can hate on the over-the-top theatrics of professional wrestling all you want, but there’s no denying the sport’s influence on the world of MMA. Do you think we would have ever seen Jonathan Ivey break out “The People’s Elbow” in a fight if The Rock hadn’t done it first? And how about that Chael Sonnen character, who we would all just write off as another boring wrestler if not for his Billy Graham-esque heel routine? The list goes on and on, but greater than the signature moves, greater even than the whimsical trash-talking pro wrasslin’ has inspired in our great sport, is the post-fight cage confrontation.

It has been responsible for some of the most unintentionally hilarious highs and Gus Johnsony lows that MMA has ever seen, yet we can’t seem to look away when such an inherently silly situation is presented in the aftermath of a fight. The UFC clearly understands this, and in an effort to set up everyone’s dream match of Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Georges. St. Pierre, both the UFC and Silva’s manager have hinted that not only is the middleweight champ going to be in attendance at UFC 154, but should St. Pierre emerge victorious, the two will face off in the cage and lay the foundation for the next great MMA superfight. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a brief, albeit memorable, video tribute to the post-fight confrontation. Enjoy.


Trash-Talking Roundup: Pettis Responds to Cerrone, Fitch Meets Kettle

“Did I stutter?! I said you’re a lay-and-pray artist who will NEVER beat Georges St. Pierre!”

It appears we weren’t the only ones surprised by Donald Cerrone’s recent comments for UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis. Anthony Pettis, who claims that he’s always been cordial with Cerrone in the past, recently attempted to make sense of the whole ordeal on “The MMA Hour.” Spoiler alert: He ain’t too keen on being told to “grab his purse and dance,” brother.

As transcribed by

“It’s comedy. This is the first news to me that I have heard of Cerrone calling me out or that he has been calling me out or he wanted to fight me. I talked to my manager about it and I think it’s just him trying to get his name out there and trying to get to my spot, trying to get to that title shot, to try and get closer to a title shot. But, for him to do it the way it did, just pissed me of, so. If he gets passed with his fight with Melvin, and it makes sense for me to fight him and then fight for a title shot, then I will do it. If he is in my way, I will take him out. (I’m)100 -percent (pissed off). I am super pissed. I am not the guy to talk or the type of guy to be out there and talk shit about anyone, but for him to call me out and put it the way he put it, pretty much saying that I am afraid to fight somebody, that is never the case. I am never afraid to fight anybody. I want to be the best lightweight in the world and if he is in my way, then I will take him out too. He wanted to fight in August, I wasn’t going to be ready until October or November and I openly said it on Twitter and I openly said it everywhere, so it’s not a matter of me ducking him, if he wants to fight in November, let’s do it, I will gladly take that fight and I will be so motivated to whoop his ass.”


[UPDATED] Kimbo Slice Pulls Out of March 24 Boxing Bout, But Still Wants Different Fight On Card

(U mad?)

If you bought a ticket to see Kimbo Slice attempt to extend his professional boxing record to 4-0 with a win over Mike Glenn on March 24, you might want to get yourself a refund — that is unless you want to watch him fight a lesser opponent instead. has learned from a source close to Glenn who contacted us Tuesday afternoon that Slice, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, has bowed out of the bout. According to the source the former UFC fighter allegedly told the promoter that he would still participate in the event if they found him another opponent, but explicitly stated that he did not want to fight Glenn.


Just When We Thought We Were Out, ‘Mayhem’ Miller Pulls Us Back In

(VidProps: YouTube/DSSFight)

Gotta admit, this Jason “Mayhem” Miller is one crafty guy. Practically as soon as we hit “save” on our rant about how we’re sick and tired of all this Miller-vs.-Diaz nonsense, the guy releases the above video brilliance and – boom – we’re suckered right back in again. The Scrap Pack thought they were being clever with their little internet statement that made it look like it was Miller that wouldn’t fight Nick Diaz? Mayhem laughs in the face of your flawed rhetorical strategy, Cesar Gracie.

Count on the "Bully Beatdown" host to take tihings to the next level. Dude goes all political-smear campaign on us here and the results are pretty effective. Dig the subtle inclusion of Jared Shaw at the 19-second mark, among the montage of “wannabe gangsters.” That’s attention to detail, people. As for the footage of Diaz’s admission that he “can make 185” and wants “someone to offer me a fight” at the 23 second mark? Well, that’s just good shit. Your move, 209.


With Miller Bout Likely Out the Window, Diaz’s Camp Wants Daley Next

(Seriously, Nick, nobody wants to see this happen.)

After conceding earlier this week that a much anticipated bout between his protegee, Nick Diaz and the Stockton fighter’s nemesis, Jason "Mayhem" Miller will likely not happen, Cesar Gracie has turned his sights on another opponent for his charge to fight next.

In an interview he did this week, Gracie revealed that he is making a case for a Diaz-Paul Daley match-up and that they could be ready in a month if Strikeforce will put the fight together.

"I would take that fight right now for January," Gracie said.

As far as the fight with Miller not going down, Gracie, who points out that moving up to middleweight to fight a fighter who isn’t ranked in the top ten by any outlets would be a lose-lose situation for Diaz, says that the blame should rest squarely on the shoulders of Mayhem.


Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons Welterweight Title Bout Being Targeted for October 9 Strikeforce Event

(I think the message was quite clear. I specifically told Nick NOT to be scared.)

It looks like Strikeforce has missed the marketing train once again as the promotion has passed on a self-selling grudge match between Jason "Mayhem Miller" and Nick Diaz and will instead once again pair the latter up with KJ Noons in a rematch of their 2007 EliteXC title bout. In that fight, Noons emerged victorious due to doctor stoppage resulting from a cut sustained by Diaz. More memorable than their bout was the in-cage melee between Team Cesar Gracie and Noons’ father a year later after Noons’ fight with Yves Edwards in Hawaii during which Nick’s immortal "Don’t be scared, homie," line was born. EliteXC brass orchestrated a rematch-hyping staredown between KJ and Nick, but as we have learned, whenever a Diaz is involved, anything can, and usually will happen.

This time around Diaz’s welterweight strap will be up for grabs, which makes perfect sense according to Strikeforce calculus. Anywhere else Noons may have to…I don’t know…win a fight at 170 perhaps before getting a shot for the belt. But this is Strikeforce, where logic is overrated and matchmaking is easy if you have a magic eight ball.