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Nick Diaz Is Alive and Well, Driving Around Cali and Vlogging About How He’s the Victim Here

(Video courtesy of YouTube/NickDiaz209)

You would think that after screwing up badly enough to have a title shot yanked away and with your future career with your employer hanging by a thread as a result, you might want to, I don’t know, apologize and show some sort of emotion that resembles remorse for your actions.

If you’re Nick Diaz, you pretty much do the opposite of that.

Diaz killed all speculation that he was possibly passed out in an alley somewhere in Stockton, when, just hours after news broke that because of back-to-back missed media appearances his UFC 137 shot at welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre would instead go to Carlos Condit, he posted a video blog titled, “Looks like someone don’t want me to win!” in which he complained once again that he was getting screwed over by pretty much everyone, from UFC president Dana White to his longtime manager and trainer Cesar Gracie.