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Fight of the Day: UFC Vet Rob Kimmons Scores/Suffers Double Knockdown, Broken Ankle at ‘Epic Fight Night 1′

(Fight starts at the 3:50 mark. I know, it’s no “mumblegumblemurglegurgle” but I promise that the next one will be funnier.

Because we feel obligated to pass along whatever disgusting, pro-wrestling inspired, or plain brilliant videos we come across on a daily basis — often regardless of their relationship to MMA — here’s a video of UFC veteran Rob “The Rosedale Reaper” Kimmons breaking his ankle in three places during his headlining fight with Tyler Stinson at ‘Epic Fight Night 1′ yesterday. While the break itself isn’t all that gruesome when you’ve masturbated to witnessed such horrific moments as Corey Hill vs. Dale Hartt, it’s what leads up to it that truly sets this gem apart from most MMA injury videos out there.

Just over 30 seconds into the first round, Kimmons and Stinson land simultaneous left hooks, sending both fighters crashing to the mat. Murder boner status: Half-mast. But as Kimmons tumbles to the canvas, he does so with his ankle twisted beneath him — think Cro Cop vs. Gonzaga, then tuck it into your belt. The presiding referee fails to notice this, of course, and allows a wobbled Stinson to slinky his way over to a clearly down-for-the-count Kimmons and drop a few more unwarranted punches before calling it a day. Murder boner: Achieved. Mazzagatti disciple: CERTIFIED.

We’d like to wish Rob the best of luck on his road to recovery, as well as ensure him that by the time he is retired, MMA refs will still be mostly incompetent when it comes to protecting their fighters. We’ve never been known for our bedside manner.

-J. Jones


[VIDEO] And Now, Your Double Knockout of the Day…

(Scroll ahead to the 4-minute mark for the action. Props to MiddleEasy for the find.) 

Back in 2008, double knockouts were all the rage in the MMA world, the way sucker punch knockouts are blowing up on the hipster-music-and-film-festival scene nowadays. And like those skinny jean-wearing, liberal-arts majoring leaders of tomorrow, it appears that MMA fighters enjoy bringing back “retro” trends years before they can be declared “retro” as well.

Just last week, we were treated to a beautifully timed double knockout at Galaxy Fight Night IV, and over the weekend, the trend continued when Jay Jackson and Owen Martin collided at Steel City MMA. Interestingly enough, the craziest thing about this double KO was the fact that both men didn’t crash to the canvas at the same time despite landing simultaneous punches. Instead, Martin drops like a sack of potatoes while Jackson opts to stanky leg for a few seconds before falling face first into Martin in an attempt to finish him off.

The ref quickly pulls Jackson off and eventually awards him the TKO victory (by virtue of him staying on his feet longer, we guess), but not before Jackson stumbles around the ring like a college freshman at his first kegger and faceplants a final time.

Although we usually prefer to save our matchmaking abilities for the upper-level cards, if we had to pick an opponent to match Jackson up with next, we’d go with the guy who got choked out in the first round before scoring a TKO in the second. Weight classes be damned; this fight will come as close to a scene out of The Walking Dead as we will ever get in MMA, and I am willing to risk as many lives as necessary to see that scenario play out.

-J. Jones


Mondays Suck, So Here’s a 14-Second Double Knockout to Tide You Over [VIDEO]

(Major props to MiddleEasy for the find.) 

Typically, a Monday morning at the CagePotato offices starts with cake. Lots of cake. There’s a staff meeting after that, again, typically held in the context of an underground cockfight or at the very least a back alley dice game. The rest of the day is as you’d expect: team-building medicine ball dodgeball at 11, lunch at Matsuhisa at 1, a full two-hour break to “research” WMMA videos at 3, and finally, Mr. Pibbs and a staff-voted episode of The Wire at 5. The writing usually happens after dodgeball.

But alas, not everyone’s Mondays can be as exhilarating or PCP-laced as ours. That’s where this video of a 14-second double knockout from last Saturday’s Galaxy Fight Night IV comes into play. Because, as you watch Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander trade right hands and simultaneously topple over like a pair of felled oaks, you will experience nearly one-eighteenth of the life-affirming invigoration that fills the average CagePotato employee on a daily basis. It’s not something most people get to experience in the span of their measly, infinitesimal lives, let alone on a Monday morning at work. So enjoy this, you guys.

After the jump: Nick Diaz, hitting a speed bag, for 23 straight minutes. It is the lethargic, insomnia-inducing yin to this video’s captivating yang, and it will break you.


Hey, Did You Hear the One About the Polish Double Head-Butt Knockout? [VIDEO]

(Marcin Mencel vs. Mateusz Zawadzki at MMA Night of Champions on 10/27/12. Video props: MMANewsPL via MiddleEasy)

Okay, so maybe it’s not as funny as some of these, but I still LOL’d at the part where both guys were being stretchered out of the ring and the DJ decides to blast “We Are the Champions” in the arena. These Poles, they love their irony.

Previously: WTF?! Video of the Day: Double KO via Faulty Cage Door


WTF?! Video of the Day: Double KO via Faulty Cage Door

Here at CP, we have covered damn near every type of knockout that has occurred in the MMA world, and in fact, we pride ourselves on our devotion to the topic. And although we’ve seen both the double KO and the even more rare no contest due to both fighters falling out of the cage, little did we know that over the weekend, these two would meet at a shady hotel, do the nasty, forget to wear protection, and give birth to the above knockout.

The event was Hardrock MMA 43, which went down on Saturday night. The place was Sheperdsville, Kentucky. In the co-main event of the evening, lightweight fighters Brandon Bishop and Braedon Ward squared off in what started as a relatively even match that saw both men struggle for superior position in the clinch. After Ward managed to toss Bishop to the mat but was unable to complete the takedown, he bull rushed ahead with a double leg, eventually slamming into to cage door, which burst open and sent both fighters crashing to the ground.

As team members rushed to their aid, it quickly became apparent that both parties had been knocked unconscious in the fall, and the bout was subsequently ruled a no contest. Fortunately, both men were able to walk away on their own power after a few minutes. According to Gary Thomas of, who was in attendance for the entire event, a hinge in the cage had been damaged in an earlier fight, but was believed to have been fixed. However, when both fighters hit the door, the pin was knocked loose, causing one of the more bizarre fight endings we have seen in quite some time.

And as it turns out, this was not the only bit of controversy that went down at Hardrock MMA 43. Join us after the jump for an illegal KO from the same event that is as brutal as it is hilarious.


Mouthpiece Sports Investigates Fighter Groupies, Double-KOs + Reality Show Weirdos

CagePotato reader Brian W. just turned us on to the hard-hitting investigative journalism of Chicago-based sports website Mouthpiece Sports, which works in some solid MMA coverage between the Bears/Bulls/Cubs/Sox/B’hawks stories. Here’s a sampling of their work; Diego Sanchez, Miguel Torres, and Dana White talk fighter groupies in the video above, Tyler Bryan discusses his web-legendary double-knockout with Shaun Parker in the video below, and we get a look at some of the knuckleheads we might be seeing on TUF 9 after the jump. “Plubicity” FTW.


King of the Cage Double K.O.

Well, one more of these and it’s a full-blown epidemic. At King of the Cage “Opposing Force” on May 15th — just one day before Shaun Parker and Tyler Bryan exchanged simultaneous knockout punches at LFC 25 — Anthony Lapsley and Aaron Wetherspoon’s match also ended with both guys getting their lights turned out. Near the beginning of the second round, Lapsley cranked Wetherspoon with a perfect right straight, but clashed heads with his opponent on the way in. As they both hit the mat, referee Herb “I’m Getting Too Old for This Shit” Dean patiently waited for somebody to get up. Despite the fact that the dazed Lapsley immediately started making the “no mas” hand signal, the fight was ruled a no-contest.