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Denis Kang had an Odd Night at Road Fighting Championships 2

Pic unrelated to Road FC, but hey, Pride was pretty sick

I’m not usually one to understate the obvious, but damn, Denis Kang has had a bizarre run since being released by the UFC in 2009. Aside from picking up a first round arm-triangle victory over Dae Won Kim, Kang has fought Paulo Filho to a very questionable draw at Impact FC, which was quite the spectacle in its own right. Kang returned to action last night at Road Fighting Championship 2 (Road? Okay, the “word + FC” formula is just messing with us now…) in Seoul, South Korea against Eun Soo Lee.

The bout was a pretty odd concept from the get-go. Despite both fighters being natural middleweights, the fight was held at light heavyweight. Also, Eun Soo Lee, who I won’t even pretend you remember from his lone appearance in Pride, last fought at M-1 Challenge 8 back in 2008.