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Video: Jerry Millen is Back With Another Attack on Dana White and This Time He Brought Dana’s Psycho Mom For Back-Up

(Video courtesy of IronForgesIron)

When Dana White’s mom released a “tell-all” book a few months back, we all figured that it was a result of sour grapes for not being cut a check when Dana started making stacks of cash.

Now we’re pretty sure we were right and that this crazy woman has some sort of vendetta against her son, considering she’s teamed up with one of Dana’s most bitter enemies, Jerry Millen for the scathing interview above. Millen posted the video on YouTube under the pseudonym “louisthompson90010,” but it’s clear that it’s him posing some of the questions. It’s sad really that he would travel on his own dime to interview this spiteful woman in an effort to make Dana look bad.

Millen’s motives become clear from the get go and you can see that through choppy editing and leading questions that he was able to make June White seem like an even more bitter estranged parent than she already did when she called Dana Rosemary’s Baby and claimed he had no soul.

Some highlights of the combined douchebaggery of JW and JM after the jump.


Phil Baroni: ‘Yeah, Koscheck’s Kind of Douchebag, But He’s A Douchebag Who’s Going to Beat GSP’

("Come on Josh, don’t be pissed at me. I said you’re ‘HALF A DICK,’ not a full on dick.")

Veteran UFC welterweight Phil Baroni stopped by The Bum Rush Radio Show this week and while he was here he gave his thoughts on this weekend’s heavily-anticipated welterweight title bout between his American Kickboxing Academy teammate Josh Koscheck and dominant champion Georges St-Pierre.

Baroni took issue with Ben’s assessment that St-Pierre will be able to take Koscheck down at will en-route to a late submission victory.

"I disagree — not just because we’re friends. Koscheck’s the better wrestler. It’s not gonna come down to striking at all. I don’t think Koscheck needs to land a big shot to win the fight. Koscheck’s a better wrestler. He has a much better pedigree. GSP has a double-leg tackle — that’s about it," Baroni explained. "He’s more of a jiu-jitsu guy and I don’t see him getting on top. Koscheck’s gonna have to control where the fight goes and beat him in a wrestling match. If he does that, he’s gonna win the fight. GSP is mentally weak. He’s a great athlete, he’s got a huge gas tank, he’s strong, he’s fast, but between his ears, there’s a little bit of softness. I think if comes down to a gut-check, Koscheck will take care of him."


Meet Canada’s Next Big MMA Reporter

(Video courtesy Vimeo)

Do you ever see or hear something and say, "Man, that has to be a joke," and then you find out to your surprise that it’s legit and still think it’s fake?

About a year ago, I stumbled upon this Saturday Night Live-esque video and archived it, knowing that it likely wouldn’t last long when the MMA messageboard jackals got a hold of it.

Anyway, the guy in the self-aggrandizing UFC audition tape above, JayT, is apparently gunning to be the next Joe Rogan or Ariel Helwani and is calling himself "Canada’s premiere mixed martial arts interviewer and host," despite never having interviewed a fighter or MMA personality. 


Forrest Griffin is Kind of a Dick to Reporters

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAInterviews)

Forrest Griffin interviews make me feel good. Not because Forrest is a funny dude, but rather because they make me realize that not only was he a dick to me when I interviewed him for the first time last summer; he’s a dick to every reporter that interviews him.

Don’t believe me? 

Check out the recent clip above of Forrest telling an interviewer that his hair is terrible and calling him racist for assuming Griffin was referring to Alistair Overeem when he referenced Cro Cop giving up during a fight in which he got kneed in the groin repeatedly. The reporter was right. Overeem did foul Mirko during a DREAM bout, but Forrest assumed he thought our boy Cheick Kongo looked like "The Demolition Man" and he called him on it.

When I interviewed him after he spent four hours signing autographs at the Toronto MMA Expo, I assumed he was simply being ornery because of the long day he had.

Just before we began the interview, which I waited to conduct after a one-hour delay in which Griffin signed a few extra autographs, he tossed aside the Cage Potato t-shirt I gave him to a girl working the booth, told me he had no idea what CP was and then proceeded to "X" out the devil horns symbol on my shirt, informing me that I now had his autograph. Needless to say, I wasn’t overly keen on doing the interview after the way things got started. 

That seems to be Forrest’s MO: insult the reporter at the beginning of the Q&A session and make him feel uncomfortable for the whole interview. The end result is usually an awkward and strange exchange that ends with Griffin smirking and the reporter red-faced and wishing they hadn’t wasted their time talking to him.


Who Does Koscheck Grab by the Throat in the Next Episode of TUF?

(Video courtesy YouTube/218DeShawn)
If you pay attention to the small details in life, chances are you noticed the clip at the end of last night’s premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 12 that showed a brief glimpse of Josh Koscheck being his endearing self as he appears to grab a Team St-Pierre member by the throat before a scuffle ensues.

Middleeasy made a slowed-down gif of the video above and it turns out that the dude Kos rape chokes is either a somewhat rotund crew member or a random guy who wandered in off the street wearing a TapouT shirt in GSP’s team colors. Whatever the case is, it’s likely just another instance of a set-up scenario or creative editing to make JK look like the bad guy. It all seems very "WWE" to me. He nearly crack a smile as he confront the Biz Markie lookalike who likely hasn’t been a lightweight since junior high.

Check it out after the jump and judge for yourself whether or not the fracas seems staged.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Out on Bail for Grand Larceny Charges; Dodges a Domestic Assault Charge Bullet

(Look up "shit-eating grin" in the dictionary and you’ll find this photo.)

I’m sure most of us have gone back to an ex-girlfriend’s apartment after a break-up to retrieve a few things. A pair of shoes, the Pixies CD that mysteriously went missing from your car or the $100 you leant her so she could get her hair streaked — whatever it was, you paid for it and you wanted it back; so much so, that were willing to stomach having to see your replacement sitting shirtless on her sofa and resist the urge to head-kick his smug smile out the window as you waited to get your shit back.

The difference between most of us — okay, all of us — and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is that he made more in his last fight than all of CP’s readers combined will likely make this year and that all of the items most of us would swallow our pride to get back, he could replace with the money he has in the ashtray of one of his 20 cars.

In spite of that fact,  he managed to get thrown in jail for stealing his ex’s $500 iPhone.


Must-See: “BJ Penn Is…The DOUCHEBAG”


The brilliant video-remixer/voice-mimic responsible for the Tito Ortiz music video in the #1 spot of today’s Worst Commentary Moments list dropped us a line this afternoon to let us know that his latest work has just been posted to YouTube. (Good lookin’ out, Chaplin!) "The Douchebag" makes fun of everything that BJ Penn can possibly be made fun of for, including (but not limited to) his lazy training habits, his mother fighting his legal battles for him, his failed appeal to The Rock for a movie role, and how his former jiu-jitsu teacher hates him now. Plus, we learn that when BJ’s voice is slowed down, he sounds basically retarded. (Coincidentally, Jeff Goldblum suffers from the same condition.) Chaplin also has a couple of non-MMA-related videos that you also need to check out. If you can make it through this voice-dubbed scene from last season’s Celebrity Apprentice without pissing yourself laughing…well, good for you. Must be nice having dry pants.


Christ, What an Asshole

(UFC Girls via MMA Fever)