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Dream.11 Video Round-Up: Super Hulk matches, Featherweight GP Fights, + More

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We’ll say this much for Dream, they may not always put on the most competitive or, for lack of a better word, serious fights, but at least you always know what you’re going to get from them.  For instance, you’re going to get Kazushi Sakuraba tooling a washed-up pro boxer while Michael Schiavello utters baffling one-liners like, "Trying to predict what Sakuraba’s going to do next is harder than finding a pubic hair at a Jonas Brothers concert." 

Thanks, Michael.  It’s been far too long since I thought about the hairless genitals of pre-pubescent girls, and what better time to return to that disturbing image than during an MMA bout?  But hey, creeping you out with prepared material that he’s scribbled on hotel stationery is all in an evening’s work for "The Voice." 

After the jump, more videos from last night’s festivities, including all the Super Hulk freakness you can stomach, the semi-final matches of the featherweight Grand Prix, plus others.  More coming soon.  Full results from Dream.11 are all the way at the bottom.  Consider yourself warned.


Kazushi Sakuraba Pratfalls His Way Through DREAM.11 Weigh-Ins


What do you do when you’re a broken-down Japanese MMA legend and you’ve been booked against an unknown American boxer in a meaningless exhibition? Make an absolute farce out of it, obviously. Check out Kazushi Sakuraba get his physical-comedy on during the DREAM.11 weigh-ins today (starting at the 0:59 mark). Despite the bizarre behavior, Rubin Williams was nice enough to shout out Saku as a "great champion," and referred to himself as a former world champion boxer, which may not be true. During a pre-fight interview, Williams told media that "I had a guy that was working with me on some MMA moves back in Detroit…As far as the ground game, I’ve been getting pretty good at it over the last year. So I’ll display what I’ve learned in the fight Tuesday." Yikes. Rubin, you may be able to pass guard on a training dummy, but that’s not going to help you against one of the best grapplers in the history of the sport. Don’t overthink it — just throw that overhand right and hope for a miracle.

After the jump: Full weigh-in results, and video of the Super Hulks hitting the scale. Nice t-shirt, Hong — was it laundry day?


Bob Sapp Gets Another Chance at Super Hulk Glory

(Sapp gets embarrassed by Ikuhisa Minowa at the DREAM Super Hulk Tournament’s opening round in May.)

With Gegard Mousasi out of DREAM’s freaky-deaky Super Hulk tournament due to a Fedor-related shoulder injury, DREAM went back to the well to find a replacement. Unsurprisingly, they’re bringing back Bob Sapp to take on Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in the GP’s second round, which goes down at DREAM.11 (October 6th, Yokohama, broadcast in North America on HDNet). During the Super Hulk quarterfinals at DREAM.9, Sokoudjou snapped a two-fight losing skid by wrecking Jan Nortje, while Bob Sapp got leglocked by Minowaman. The following month, Sapp tapped to strikes against Bobby Lashley at "Ultimate Chaos."

Tangling with Sokoudjou could bring Sapp yet another painful loss, and incredibly, he has a kickboxing match in Hong Kong scheduled for the next day, and may have another MMA fight slated for the next week in Texas. Said Sapp: