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DREAM 13 Quick Results and Videos: Barnett Subs ‘Mighty Mo’, Fernandes Edges Out Hansen to Retain Featherweight Title

(Josh Barnett vs. Mighty Mo. Skip to the 6:28 mark to see Barnett accept a knee to the groin as repayment for the one that happened during the fight. Video courtesy of 19054771 via Bloody Elbow.)

Full results from today’s seven-bout card in Yokohama are below; more videos after the jump.

Bibiano Fernandes (champion) def. Joachim Hansen via split decision
Josh Barnett def. Siala-Mou "Mighty Mo" Siligia via submission (kimura), 4:41 of round 1
K.J. Noons def. Andre "Dida" Amade via unanimous decision
Ryo Chonan def. Andrews Nakahara via unanimous decision
– Cole Escovedo def. Yoshiro Maeda via KO (head kick), 2:29 of round 1
Katsunori Kikuno def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka via KO (strikes), 1:26 of round 1
Ikuhisa Minowa def. Jimmy Ambriz via submission (toe hold), 2:42 of round 2


Josh Barnett Added to DREAM.13; Could Face ‘Mighty Mo’

(Mighty Mo knockout reel. Sound-effects added for emphasis!)

DREAM’s 13th show goes down in just 10 days, and in true Japanese MMA fashion, the card isn’t even close to being finalized. Currently, six fights have been announced, most notably the featherweight title fight between champion Bibiano Fernandes and Joachim Hansen, who will be dropping from lightweight to challenge for the title. Also, KJ Noons gets back in action against Andre "Dida" Amade, Cole Escovedo takes on Yoshiro Maeda, and Super Hulk champion Ikuhisa Minowa will have his next David vs. Goliath battle against heavyweight journeyman Jimmy Ambriz.

The semi-big news at today’s DREAM 13 press conference was that Josh Barnett has been officially added to the event, though his opponent hasn’t been announced yet. According to one report, the Babyface Assassin could be tangling with K-1 veteran "Mighty Mo" Siligia. Mo’s got knockout power to spare, but he’s lost six of his last seven kickboxing matches, and his last MMA appearance was a triangle-choke loss to Semmy Schilt 15 months ago. In other words, Barnett’s got this one. From a competitive standpoint, this is maybe one step up from bullying amateurs at a local grappling tournament. As we explained earlier, DREAM isn’t exactly the ideal promotion to work for if you want to test yourself against the best heavyweights in the world. But compared to fake-fighting Bob Sapp, anything seems legitimate…


Josh Barnett Says Nobody Wants to Fight Him

(His body is in the ring, but his mind is still back in the locker room, trying to come up with an eight-letter word for ‘Movie opening.’)

Contrary to what you’ve seen on the internet lately, Josh Barnett is not content to spend the rest of his life trading mean faces with Bob Sapp and roughing up hapless foes in regional grappling tournaments. He really does want to fight for real again, or so he declared on his Twitter recently, but the problem is that he can’t find an opponent. At least, he can’t find a heavyweight opponent willing to meet him in Japan, which is sort of his only option at the moment since he can’t seem to get right with the athletic commissions back home in the U.S.

Barnett told fans he’d heard a “rumor” that both Tim Sylvia and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (both of whom have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs at some point in their past) had each turned down fights with Babyface in Dream. How much fact there is in that rumor, we can’t really say, but it wouldn’t exactly surprise us to hear that “The Maine-iac” is more or less done fighting quality opponents and has decided instead to crush whatever cans Monte Cox lines up for him.