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Josh Rosenthal Cops Plea for Role in Six Million Dollar Marijuana Bust (!!), Currently Awaiting Sentencing

(“If you shortchange me again, Nick, I swear to God that retirement will no longer be an option for you.” Photo courtesy of Getty Images.) 

Despite his longtime standing as one of the best referees in MMA, veteran official Josh Rosenthal has been noticeably absent from the octagon as of late. While he informed BloodyElbow earlier this month that his absence was the result of a staph infection, it turns out that his troubles were less physical — unless he has the worst case of glaucoma this world has ever seen — and more legal. According to the U.S. District Attorney’s office in Oakland, California, Rosenthal recently plead guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana after a warehouse he owned containing 1,356 plants — valued at a street value of six million dollars — was raided last year. Rosenthal now faces a pretty lengthy jail sentence (via MMAJunkie):

Rosenthal is due in U.S. District Court on May 17. The government is recommending 37 months in jail, fines and five years of probation, during which he would be subject to random searches, according to the agreement. Without a deal, he faced 10 years to life in prison, a $10 million fine and a minimum of five years’ probation. 

Rosenthal, who agreed to a plea deal in January, did not respond to request for comment. His lawyer of record, Ted W. Cassman, was unavailable for comment. 

Three years just for weed?! Damn!


Leonard Garcia Beats Them Charges Like Rocky

Okay, so he’s not officially out of the woods yet, but WEC fighter Leonard Garcia has had the federal drug trafficking charges against him dropped, according to a MySpace post reprinted by MMA Mania earlier today. You may recall that Garcia was arrested back in March in alleged connection with a cocaine smuggling ring in Texas. Garcia proclaimed his innocence from the get-go, and now things are starting to look better for him:

“I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that I had the federal charges dropped. I am still dealing with the state but the charges aren’t as serious as they seemed. So I hope to be back in the cage soon … real soon. I’m just waiting on my excellent manager Steven (boogie) Bean to get that straightened out for me. I am gonna be the WEC lightweight champ soon, this is something I feel strongly about. So I’m telling everyone that is my goal and my dream and that is what I’m going to do so I will give it my all to do what I say I’m gonna do.”

State charges are still enough to get you locked up in prison, so it might not be time to celebrate just yet, but the fact that the feds dropped their case against him lends credence to his claims of innocence and suggests that maybe he’ll be back in the good kind of cage sooner rather than later.