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Outrageous BJ Penn Claim of the Day: Rory MacDonald Pulled Out of Fight Because ‘He Knew He Wasn’t Gonna Win’

(BJ Penn is the ultimate killing machine. Seriously, do you know how many shrimp had to die in order to make his lunch?)

Unless your name isĀ Ken Shamrock, you probably wouldn’t carve a second mouth into your face in order to avoid a fight that you already agreed to. And yet, BJ Penn is questioning Rory MacDonald‘s excuse for withdrawing from their scheduled meeting at UFC 152, claiming that the young Canadian pulled out because he knew he wasn’t going to win, and that withdrawing from a fight due to a cut is a cowardly move in the first place. Here’s what Penn told Sherdog in an interview published yesterday; roll up your pants because the bullshit is about to get deep in here…

I know the reason why Rory pulled out on September 22nd. The cut is a detail but I know the reason why he pulled out is ’cause he knew he wasn’t gonna win. If he let that cut heal, tried to train, whatever it was, whether he should have been in shape already…I’ve never heard of a guy pulling out of a fight 10 weeks early from a cut. [Ed. note: It was actually seven weeks early, but you can't blame Penn for rounding up in order to make a point.] Never in my life have I heard of a guy, 10 weeks before a fight, he got cut, he pulled out. You know what I mean? He feels he has to do what’s best for him, for his team, they’re gonna do that, but it’s 100 percent fact that the reason why they pulled out is because they knew they were gonna lose on September 22nd. If not, you wouldn’t pull out.


Official UFC 126 Trailer Makes a Number of Dubious Claims

(VidProps: You Tube/UFC)

If you’re anything like us, you got your first good look at the official trailer for UFC 126 on Saturday night during the Fight for the Troops show on SpikeTV and thought, “Wow, almost everything said during that 31 seconds is extremely debatable.” Granted, the UFC is known for its revisionist history and these promotional spots are typically designed to bend the truth however much is necessary to get dudes who don’t really know that much about MMA interested in dropping 50 bones on the per-per-view. Even considering that, this particular commercial seems pretty, uh, erroneous. Anyway, watch it, then follow the jump for our picks of the five most questionable assertions made here …  


Dubious Claim of the Day: Wes Shivers Will Be Like a ’275-pound Clay Guida’ at Strikeforce Challengers

("Based on what we saw here today we think you’d be a great fit for the Strikeforce organization." PicProps:

You’ll have to excuse even the most rabid “Ultimate Fighter” viewers if they don’t remember Wes Shivers. Shivers – one of the hulking NFL washouts not named Matt Mitrione on season 10 of the reality show– lost his first and only “TUF” fight to James McSweeney early on and quickly disappeared from our collective consciousness. In the wake of Shivers not getting invited back for the live finale we thought we’d seen the last of the guy until late last week, when Strikeforce sent out a press release (in triplicate, no less) trumpeting the fact that it’d dug him up to appear on the undercard of tomorrow night’s Challengers called.

Yeah, that’s right, Strikeforce sent out a press release to announce the return of Wes Shivers to MMA. Frankly, we wouldn’t be inclined to say much more (or anything at all) on the subject if not for Shivers’ interview this week with MMA Junkie which – through no fault of his own – effectively points out why/how Strikeforce continues to waste everybody’s time with these Challengers shows.