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Even Jon Jones Can’t Make Sense of the Current Title Picture at 205

It’s good to know that we weren’t alone in our confusion when it was announced that the winner of either the Mauricio Rua/Brandon Vera or Lyoto Machida/Ryan Bader bouts, specifically the former, would be in line for the next title shot at 205 lbs. Given that current champion Jon Jones has walked through all four of those gentlemen before, we struggled to find the reasoning behind the alleged title shot that supposedly awaited the most impressive winner from this weekend’s UFC on FOX 4 event. Then again, Rich Franklin has decided to chase after middleweight gold and revenge for a third time (which totally wont end in his untimely death), so maybe we were too quick to write off these former champions, TUF winners, and hype machines. In either case, Bones took to his Twitter account to voice his frustration, sending out the above tweet yesterday which simply states “Scratching my head.”

But perhaps even more confounding than the UFC’s apparent apathy in regards to JBJ was the realization that the light heavyweight division, one of the most stacked and competitive divisions in the UFC for some time, has nearly been cleared out in a little over a year. If Jones gets past Dan Henderson at UFC 151, something he obviously feels he is going to do as evidenced by the above tweet, there will arguably be only two viable candidates left for him to face: Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira.

Dana White has teased that the man known by the Potato Nation as “Bjones” is “ready for a big fight now”, leading us to believe that a meeting with Rashad Evans could be on the horizon. A victory over the former champ would all but cement the Swede’s position atop the division. As for Teixeira, it’s simply too early to tell. He looked great in his debut victory over Kyle Kingsbury, but needs to face at least one of the upper echelon fighters before we are convinced he is ready for a title shot. But for the moment, it appears that the LHW division needs an H-bomb like Nick Diaz needs a clue.

In other, alcohol-related Jon Jones news…


Jon Jones Requests Another Delay for DWI Sentencing; Due Back in Court on July 31st

(“Mr. Jones, you mean to tell this court that the only thing you’ve learned in our alcohol education program is that ‘white bitches love fruity shit’?”)

For the second time since his May 19th arrest for drunk driving, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has requested — and was granted — a delay for his sentencing date. Jones appeared in Binghamton City Court this morning where he and his attorney Thomas D. Jackson claimed that Jones needs more time to complete his court-mandated alcohol abuse and dependency evaluation. (By the way, it’s only a two-day program, but Jones has just been super busy lately, you know? Super busy.)

Judge Daniel L. Seiden granted the request, and rescheduled Jones’s sentencing to July 31st. The MMA star has already pleaded guilty to his DWI charge, and is expected to receive a one-year conditional discharge and a fine of up to $1,500 in a plea agreement. He’ll also be required to install ignition interlock devices in his vehicles, pay restitution for damages, and attend a victim impact class.

Following his court appearance today, Jones released the following statement through the law firm representing him:


UFC Lightweight Josh Neer Arrested After Hit-and-Run

(Nice stoppage, ref. Where were you when Josh was pouring himself his 14th rum-and-coke?)

Some people really know how to ring in the new year. Other people, like Josh Neer for example, completely suck at it. "The Dentist" — who most recently dropped a split decision to Nate Diaz at UFC Fight Night 15 in September — got involved in a Quinton Jackson-esque vehicular tantrum last night in Des Moines, Iowa, which ended with him being arrested and taken to jail. Here’s MMA Weekly’s version of the incident

Neer apparently hit a car from behind at a red stoplight. That car then rear-ended a police car that was stopped for the light. Reportedly driving a black Audi Quattro, Neer then allegedly pulled out, crossing oncoming traffic and leading police on a chase.
The report goes on to say that police attempted to stop the Audi by hitting the back quarter panel of the car with a squad car. The Audi spun around, but [Neer] regained control. The chase eventually wound up on Interstate 80, reportedly reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. The chase finally ended at mile marker 137, where police arrested Neer.

Sherdog adds more details:

Neer, 25, faces charges of Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated, hit-and-run, eluding police and other traffic violations, according to Sgt. Jeff Phillips with the Des Moines Police Department. This was Neer’s second OWI offense. Eluding police is a felony charge…
[P]olice reportedly deployed spike strips in an attempt to bring the pursuit to an end. Neer was arrested after blowing a tire and later posted bail. Neer was released at 8:26 a.m. CST from Polk County Jail on $2,000 bond for the OWI and $5,000 for the felony eluding.

Good lord, man. What part of "Enjoy Responsibly" did you not understand? No official statement has been released by the UFC at this point, and Neer is still scheduled to take on Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 17 (February 7th; Tampa, Florida).