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Ed Herman: “I’m Pretty Sure My Knee’s Torn Out”

Ed Herman injury
(Dammit, Ed.  You start yawning like that and pretty soon the whole arena will be doing it.  Photo courtesy of

Following his loss via injury TKO at UFC 102, Ed Herman has been suspended indefinitely until he gets cleared by a doctor, which may not happen until he gets some surgery and does a little rehab.  Herman went down in agony in the second round of his fight with Aaron Simpson, but according to what he told The Columbian, the actual troubles started earlier in the night:

"I’m pretty sure my knee’s torn out.  I felt it buckle underneath me in the first round.  I just tried to fight through it.  Then it buckled again."

So what does the UFC do with a mid-level guy who’s going to be laid up for a little while?  You’d like to think that they’ll keep him on the roster and wait for him to recover and give it another go.  You’d also like to think that they wouldn’t cut every single losing fighter from the UFC 101 undercard, so maybe we should keep our expectations realistic.  Get well soon, "Short Fuse."