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Technique Video of the Day: The Calf Crank/Slicer from Arm Triangle Position

You know, if everyone stopped hating on Eddie Bravo and Joe Hogan for their personal beliefs related to “the heefer,” they might be able to learn a thing or two when it comes to Jiu-Jistu. But here at Cagepotato, we are all about putting judgments aside for the sake of the sport. In the above video, Bravo demonstrates a beautiful bait-and-switch submission on Joanne of, and though he may not be up to par on his English (it’s sunk, Eddie) there is no denying the man’s abilities to pull off some brilliant transitions on the ground.


Video: Renato Laranja Gives Joe Rogan An Earful About Smoking Weed and Badmouthing Brazil

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

Renato Laranja doesn’t take kindly to people dissing his beloved Brazilian homeland, and why should he? The dude is a 27-time Mundials champ.

It doesn’t matter if the guy talking smack about his country is a UFC commentator and the host of Fear Factor. Renato gives Joe Rogan no pass, even if he wants to avoid a face-to-face conflict with the dangerous BJJ black belt, because he “talks a lot of stuffs.”

Laranja has issue with Rogan’s penchant for smoking “the heefer,” because he feels like kids who are fans of his work in the UFC and on TV will start smoking it to emulate Joe.


The War on Drugs Wages On: ‘Comprido’ says “Eddie Bravo is an Idiot”

(Video via

A few short days ago Dave Herman was yanked from his upcoming bout against Mike Russow following a failed drug test, and before the smoke had cleared a lively debate had sparked between our readers about marijuana’s place in the sport. We thought we’d hashed it all out and come to an understanding, but now Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros has weighed in on the matter with a very special PSA. According to the heavily decorated BJJ champion, those of you who lobbied in favor of mixing grass and grappling are stupid and suffer from low self-esteem. To be fair, Comprido, pretty much everyone here at the Potato Nation is stupid and suffers from low self-esteem; it’s kind of our “thing”.

“[I] just want to make this very clear: Eddie Bravo is an idiot. Ok? Using drugs don’t improve the performance of a fighter. If you want to build your self-confidence, you’re going to do sports, do martial arts, but never use drugs.”

There’s more buzz-kill after the jump.


Get Ready for the Best MMA-Themed Trailer You’ll See All Week, Starring Eddie Bravo and Renato Laranja

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

If  your jiu-jitsu association advocated the use of marijuana and its membership included video and movie producers, actors and musicians, wouldn’t you spend a Sunday hitting the bong and making an awesome movie trailer?

There’s no confirmation whether or not this movie, which features 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo, his nemesis Renato Laranja and the voice of Scott Epstein, even exists or if the preview is just a clever ruse by the 10th PJJ faithful, but fingers crossed that it’s legit. According to Bravo, it’s an independent film called “Return of the Death Knuckle,” and it is indeed real.


Technique Video of the Day: 10th Planet Leg Lock and a South African Hottie

Yesterday when we posted video of that double armbar submission, Potato Nation loyalist ihateemo pointed out that it looked a bit like Eddie Bravo’s Sorcerer submission, and he even linked to the video. Thanks, ihateemo, now we can’t post that as the technique video of the day and write about how they looked similar. We would have looked very perceptive and educated, and everyone would have been impressed, but ihateemo had to go and screw it up for us. Thanks a lot, jerkface.

Good thing is, Bravo has plenty of videos out there of the strange and wonderful world of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, and finding footage of him weeded and talking his way through an exotic submission requires about two minutes and a yellow belt in Google Fu. With just a little bit of time and effort, we found this little gem covering the Vaporizer leg lock (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH WEED, YOU GUYS), plus a bonus: the vid features Joanne Spracklen, whom we’re sort of fond of around here.

Ok, Nation: go put on your gi pants, do some stretching, and try this out on a white belt today. With any luck, you can make them tap and/or cry and be back on XBoX before cocktail hour.



Video: Eddie Bravo Really Likes to Punk His New Students

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

If you’ve ever met, or know anyone who knows Eddie Bravo, you know that he’s big on practical jokes.

My instructor and a fellow student from our gym were in L.A. recently and while they were out eating lunch with Eddie, a girl came up to let the 10th Planet founder know how much of a fan she was. Eddie took her number and proceeded to make out with her at the table. The problem was, both of the other guys knew that Eddie recently got engaged and felt kind of uncomfortable with the situation. It turned out that the “random fan” was actually Eddie’s fiancee and she was in on the joke.

Bravo has been punking his students with gags like these for years.


It Looks Like Chael Sonnen’s Slights About Brazil May Have Finally Caught Up With Him

(Video courtesy of Youtube/twistereddie)

It was inevitable that a Brazilian with the credentials to back up his threats would give Chael Sonnen a piece of his mind for the Xenophobic remarks “The American Gangster” has been spouting off about the South American country. 27-time Mundials champ Renato Laranja released the video above calling out Sonnen for disrespecting him and his homeland, and let’s just say he pulled no punches.

“Ashely Sonnen. I’m see you. I can see you right now. You’ve been talking your big mouths. You been talking a lot of stuffs.You talk a lot of respect for Brazil. You stay a lot of stuff like, ‘They pet the bus and they feed the carrot to the bus.’ That’s a very funny stuffs. But you say we don’t have a the Internet in Brazil. I think you’re wrong. I know I have Internet in Brazil. We have everything. I have a MySpace. I’m a new with the thing. Every kids have the MySpace. I have my job friends. I have Marco Ruas. I have Pedro. I have the Pedro. I have a de Pedro Rizzo. Those guys who clean the streets, he told me to put MySpace I don’t know how long ago it was. Maybe even three months ago he told me to put it. I download the music I call in Napster. You can’t tell me about the Internet.”


Royler Gracie Refuses ADCC Bout With Eddie Bravo and Challenges 10th Planet Founder to an MMA Bout Instead

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Submissions101)

Royler Gracie failed to respond to Eddie Bravo’s challenge to compete at the 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club submission grappling competition by the July 10 deadline set by the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder and has now tried to save face by challenging Bravo, who has never competed in mixed martial arts in his life, to a one-off MMA bout in Brazil.

“I have no problems with ADCC, but the fact is that we didn’t get to an agreement on our negotiation and unfortunately the organizers of the event haven’t got in touch with me again. I can’t keep waiting, I have other plans for myself. I’m assuming this bout won’t happen”, Royler told TATAME. “I’m dealing with this MMA event, which might happen in Brazil. I haven’t sign anything yet, but the negotiations are going well and it’s likely it happens. The organizer of the event even called Eddie Bravo to fight me, but he declined it, he didn’t want to fight me… And I said I was only punch him with my hands opened, man (laughs).”


Pour Your Forty Out For Another One Killed Way Too Soon: Never Back Down 2 Straight to DVD September 13

(How the hell could a Michael Jai White joint go straight to DVD?)

The world will have to wait a little longer for the big screen debuts of Todd Duffee, Lyoto Machida, Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein.

Apparently the production company for Never Back Down 2, Baumgarten Management and Productions were unable to secure the backing of a major studio and as a result the sequel to the 2008 MMA-themed movie that grossed just south of $24,000,000 will be released straight to DVD September 13.


Dubious Claim of the Day: Dos Anjos Says His Jiu-Jitsu is Superior to Sotiropoulos’

(Video courtesy of ESPN)

There’s a long running argument that there are different levels of Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts, which is often backed by how competitors do against others of the same rank.

According to Rafael Dos Anjos, he feels that he is on another level than fellow BJJ black belt George Sotiropoulos, whom he faces Saturday at UFC 132.

“His style is dangerous; it has some techniques and positions that are dangerous, but not too much. It’s ABC jiu-jitsu,” he told ESPN, describing his own style as “traditional” jiu-jitsu. “Eddie Bravo’s style uses half guard,” dos Anjos said. “[My BJJ coach, Roberto] “Gordo” [Correa de Lima] made the half guard!”