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Hot Potato Gallery: Model/Grappler Monique Minton


Potato Nation, say hello to Monique Ricardo, AKA Monique Minton, a fitness model and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast. Minton started competing in figure competitions back in 2007, and has since added grappling tournaments to her routine after getting turned on to BJJ a couple of years ago.

Rather than feature a traditional ring girl whose interest in MMA is questionable, I thought it would be a nice change to include someone who actually seems to enjoy the sport — check out the pics of Minton with a few of the fighters she caught up with at the Boston Fan Expo last year. Minton trains under her husband Eddie Ricardo, a Carlos Machado black belt who’s also trained under the Nogueiras.

The Ricardos are currently located down in Dallas, Texas, teaching at Cobra BJJ and doing the family thing. While there’s no record of her competing in bodybuilding or BJJ recently, we wish her the best in the future.

Come on in past the jump for the full gallery. Oh, and happy Friday, Nation.