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Strikeforce Video Highlights: Metcalf/Daniels, Stack/Palacios + More

For all his high-kickin’ domination in Chuck Norris’s World Combat League, Raymond Daniels was absolutely demolished in his MMA debut against journeyman Jeremiah Metcalf. Daniels had no answer for Metcalf’s takedowns and ground-and-pound, and didn’t even land one effective strike. Personally we think he should have been given a delay-of-game penalty for his ridiculous psyche-up at the beginning, but it all worked out at the end.

Bobby Stack vs. Jose Palacios was just one of many dull decision fights at “Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Thomson,” but it contained possibly the best escape-from-mount we’ve ever seen. Here’s the end of the fight — the camera angle is horrible at 0:59, but you get the full effect of Palacios’s reverse-somersault-escape during the replay at 2:04. Unfortunately, Stack’s top control throughout the match earned him the victory.

Miesha Tate vs. Elaina Maxwell contained a similar mount-escape by Maxwell, who seemed to have Tate in trouble a couple times in the fight with scissor-lock chokes. It was one of the better matches of the evening and you can see it here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Thomson vs. Melendez is after the jump…


Another Reason to Watch Strikeforce Tonight…

Miesha Tate MMA

Miesha Tate MMA

Miesha Tate, who will be taking on Elaina Maxwell at “Melendez vs. Thomson,” and who is pretty damn attractive, as fighters go. Tate’s only previous pro experience was the November 2007 HOOKnSHOOT tournament that Kaitlin Young famously cruised through with three consecutive first-round knockouts; Tate defeated Jan Finney in a decision, but was put down by Young in the semi-finals. The live main card of tonight’s Strikeforce event begins at 10:30 p.m. ET on HDNet. The Tate/Maxwell bout isn’t guaranteed to be on the broadcast, but we’ll cross our fingers. Props to Sherdog and “Card” on the UG for the images.