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Avoid Getting Punched in the Face: Keep Your Hands Up and Show Up for Class on Time

VidProps: ErikPaulson1/YouTube

If you want to be a supreme catch wrestler and torque human bodies in ways that they were not meant to be torqued, you’re going to want to spend some time with Erik Paulson at Combat Submission Wrestling Training Center. There you will learn the many ways to destroy muscle and sinew and compelling your opponent to tap via pain or oxygen deprivation.

While you spend your time with CSW learning all these amazing abilities, show up a few minutes early to class. This video should explain why sufficiently.



Technique Video of the Day: How to Mangle A Leg in Ten Seconds or Less

Happy Friday, Nation. For today’s tech vid, we’ve selected one of our favorite submission coaches, Erik Paulson. The catch wrestling guru has been torquing and pulling on limbs for a long time, and seeing him in one of his early DVDs looking all young and svelte is good for some of you damn TUF n00bs. (Just kidding, guys, we love you, too.)

Watch as Paulson walks you through the first few techniques from his Quick Kills instructional, focusing on quick submission setups directly from the free-movement phase of fighting. Paulson closes the distance quickly, takes his opponent down, and moves swiftly through submission chains targeting toes, ankles, and knees — pretty much all the stuff that you want to keep functional not just for athletic competition, but for quality of life. You know, like walking the dog, or supporting your own weight without assistance.

What we enjoy about Paulson’s work is how well he explains what he’s doing, and how well it’s illustrated. With leg submissions, it’s not always easy to follow what’s being attacked and how to maximize the potential of the hold. Not so here; when Paulson applies a toe hold, he articulates exactly how to twist and tweak that foot until the bad guy is ready to cry uncle (or lose a toe).

Watch this video three times, then go Palhares somebody. Not some random somebody, though — make sure they were asking for it. We’re speaking of that one guy at the bar with the shirt and the tattoo. You know the one.



Technique Video of the Day: Sub Me? SUB YOU!

VidProps: JoslinEnt/YouTube

We asked yesterday if the Potato Nation was interested in seeing more technique videos, and the answer via Facebook was a resounding affirmative. Which is good, because we were going to start sharing these anyway, because we were interested ourselves. Also because it’s easy to post videos and let you entertain yourselves, sort of like buying your kid a game console so you don’t have to talk to them so much.

What? We’re great parents. Except Ben; his kid always tries to interrupt when we’re taping The Bum Rush. (True story.)

Anyway, we had one fan who’s a CIA agent, and he requested some stuff from catch wrestling. Since we happen to enjoy the homegrown American flavor of submission grappling (and we don’t want to be erased by the government), we are happy to oblige with this video from catch wrestling icon Erik Paulson. Check out his counter to the chicken wing from guard (AKA kimura attack from guard), and try it on your small child tonight. Just don’t break anything. And don’t mention our names when Child Services shows up.



Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

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Josh Barnett and Hector Lombard Won’t Be Hanging Out Together Any Time Soon

(Video courtesy YouTube/FightHubTV)

At last week’s Bellator show, middleweight Hector Lombard raised a few eyebrows when he said he wanted to face recently-signed Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett in his next bout.

It turns out that the pair have a beef between them that can be traced back to a particular sparring session in 2008.

According to Lombard’s former and Barnett’s current trainer from Combat Submission Wrestling, Erik Paulson, a day or two after a bloody 30-minute boxing match between the duo at the gym, "The Babyfaced Assassin" dragged Lombard into the cage and used his weight advantage to hold him on the canvas and humiliate the Cuban judoka in front of his teammates.

Paulson revealed that the incident was the reason Lombard walked away from the gym to join American Top Team and said he’s surprised that he’s still upset over it.


Erik Paulson Presaged Lesnar’s Arm-Triangle Win Over Carwin, Says Brock Needs ‘Guys That Actually Can Throw Down’ in his Camp

(VidProps: YouTube/FightHubtv)

Somewhere at his house, Erik Paulson has a piece of paper with his prediction for Brock Lesnar’s UFC 116 fight with Shane Carwin written on it: “Brock Will Win Round 2/3 via Shoulder Triangle Choke.” At least that’s what the mixed martial arts O.G. claims in the above video with And sure, we have no idea if that piece of paper really exists or when exactly Paulson scribbled down his stunningly accurate premonition of Lesnar’s victory, but just one look at the 44-year-old former Shooto champion’s weathered face in this vid and you get the impression this is a dude who knows how to prognosticate the outcome of a cage fight.

In fact, given Paulson’s long and storied history in MMA and martial arts in general, it’s sad in a way that he’s now introduced simply as “one of Brock Lesnar’s trainers.” Paulson after all was blazing a trail in the fight game back when Lesnar was still terrifying sophomore chicks at Webster High in South Dakota. Maybe it’s that extensive experience – or maybe I’m reading too much into this – but Paulson seems (at about the 5:20 mark) just a bit contemptuous of some of the things that are going on out at Lesnar’s private DeathClutch training center in Minnesota.