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If You Have a Thousand Bucks to Spare, You Can Share a Meal With Rich Franklin

(“Look, I’m an escort not a hooker. I’m just here for good food and good company, and whatever happens later…well, it happens. You’re not a cop, right?“)

I can’t tell if this is a better or worse deal than talking to Ken Shamrock on the phone for $11.99 a minute. A “sports fan experience” company called Thuzio is now selling personal interactions with former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin. Leading off theirĀ menu of services

“Lunch or Dinner: $1,000
Invite Rich to join you and your guests for lunch or dinner. You choose the restaurant and you choose what you want to talk about. Ask Rich questions about his career as a professional mixed martial artist. (Up to 2 hours)”

Man, I really want to start a Kickstarter account just so I can take Rich to Arby’s and talk about Anderson Silva‘s career for two hours. Does that make me a terrible person? I don’t know. But if I’m shelling out a friggin’ thousand bucks, I want to make sure my guest of honor is having as bad a time as possible.


Escort of the Day: Edith Larente


Hey guys, you know who isn’t a prostitute? Paulo Filho. But do you know who quite possibly might have been one in the past?


According to and this reliable forum thread on (a review site devoted to Toronto hookers), new French-Canadian UFC ring girl Edith Larente used to be employed by both Eleganza Escorts and Devilish Escorts (“All our Girls are Guaranteed to be GFE or PSE!!!![?]“). As the MyTerb thread goes:

“Let’s play guess teh agency she worked at. Man oh man did she really make it. I have seen at least 4 x in Montreal she was one of the best escorts. Word at the strip clubs talking with some HA is that she met and fucked Dana White when he went out to hammer out GSP’s contract. WORD!!! Kind of sucks that these bald, fat Americans took one of ours. One of the best.”

Incriminating! (Though, for the record, who the hell knows.) Click here for a sort-of NSFW trailer of Edith (aka “Anabelle”) from and check out more pics of Edith after the jump.