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The “MMA Live” Curse: Is Randy Couture Next?

ESPN MMA Live Curse
(Try all you want, but you can’t argue with a collage, people.)

As long as we’re dwelling on MMA curses this week, our friends at MMA Scraps have created this handy little graphic to show the devastation that the possibly fictional/possibly terrifyingly real "MMA Live" Curse can wreak on any MMA fighter bold enough to don a sportcoat and stare awkwardly into ESPN’s internet TV cameras.  Oh, and Frank Mir too, who apparently is keeping things real casual-like out in Vegas.

The point is, appearing on "MMA Live" could very well be a one-way ticket to Beatdownville.  So we got to wondering, didn’t Randy Couture just appear on "MMA Live" a few days ago to do a UFC 101 recap?  And isn’t he taking on Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102 at the end of August?  Seems like trouble a-brewin’ to us.  Then again, maybe that’s all just superstitious nonsense.  And pro athletes are never superstitious, right?  Guys?  Right?

We’ll remember you as a hero, Randy.