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UFC 133: Evans vs. Machida II — The Unofficial Poster

UFC 133 Evans vs. Machida II 2 poster funny MMA photoshops

Yep, this is really happening. Mad props to Steampunk for putting this together…

Update: By the way, another source says Machida is not taking the fight, so, you know, whatever.


“UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida” — Undercard Results

Dave Kaplan George Roop TUF 7 UFC 98 MMA
(Kaplan/Roop is easily going to be Fight of the Night. And Dana went to MIT. Photo courtesy of this set on

Spoilers after the jump…


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(Does it even matter why this picture was taken?)

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The Unsupportable Opinion: Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida Is The UFC’s Best Title Fight in Nearly a Year

Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida UFC 98
(Ready to make some magic, gentlemen?)

Right off I’ll admit it: there isn’t anything glamorous about the Rashad Evans-Lyoto Machida title fight at UFC 98 this weekend.  A champion who until recently was known for his split decision victories facing off against a challenger known for being so “elusive” that his fights often resemble a ballet more than a brawl – that’s not anyone’s dream bout, least of all a promoter’s. 

But what this fight lacks in star power and fireworks, it makes up for with sheer, good old-fashioned quality.  In many ways Evans-Machida is the best, most legitimate title fight the UFC has put on in nearly a year.  Here’s why: