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Jacob Volkmann Gets Visit from Secret Service As a Result of Offhand Post-UFC 125 Remark That He Wants to Fight Obama Next

("…and when I said I wanted to wring Barack’s neck, I meant I wanted to re-align his vertebrae.")

Well Jacob Volkmann won’t be getting the fight that’s at the top of his wishlist for 2010, but the UFC lightweight did get two things this week that most fighters, or even U.S. citizens will never receive: a visit from the Secret Service and guaranteed yearly IRS audits for the rest of his life.

The men in black visited Volkmann’s home before locating the mixed martial artist at his Brooklin Center, Minnesota gym on Tuesday where they questioned him about remarks he made to Ariel Helwani after his UFC 125 win over Antonio McKee. When asked by Helwani whom he would like to face next, Volkmann dryly responded that he wouldn’t mind stepping into the Octagon with President Barack Obama to let him know what he thought of his healthcare policy.

Apparently whenever anyone in the country makes a perceived threat towards the President, SS protocol requires them to be interviewed to discern whether or not the threat was legitimate.

According to one of the agents who paid him a visit, several calls came in to Washington to report that Volkmann had threatened Obama’s life, but they wouldn’t say whether or not they came from Bob Reilly’s office.