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10 Songs the UFC Should Consider Replacing “Face the Pain” With

With the faint, reverbed trickle of a few downtuned guitar strings, the UFC announces its entrance into our homes nearly every Saturday. Unfortunately, the UFC is a bit of an unkempt houseguest, which is why it then proceeds to blast our ears out with the broiest bro rock anthem of them all, STEMM’s “Face the Pain.”

“Time to end this suffering!” shouts former STEMM vocalist Louis Penque, the irony being that for the next three or so minutes, our suffering has only just begun. “I need a minute to myself!” shouts anyone forced with the prospect of hearing this song to completion, “So I can slip away!”

Let’s face it, the UFC’s musical taste is as dated as it is laughably stereotypical. If you don’t believe me, just check out the lineup they booked for their 4th of July International Fight Week, or their current cross-promotion with Linkin Park. Linkin Park! In 2014! Crazy pills! I feel like I’m taking them!

The UFC has been blasting “Face the Pain” since August of 2002 and have all but refused to update their horrendous theme song in the face of harsh fan criticism. That being the case, we’ve decided to make a few suggestions for them…