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Counter-Point: Maybe Casey ‘McBeardsly’ Oxendine Has Feelings Too? [VIDEO]


Reason #68 why we can’t have nice things — MMA Inside the Cage host Casey Oxendine is a legitimate friend of CagePotato, and yet you animals have savaged him in the comments section on two different occasions, referring to Ox as a “knob,” an “asshole” with a “dick duster,” a “giant douche” with “shitty facial hair” and “flame-pubes on his face,” the owner of the “Glorious Ball Tickler of Absolute Douchiness,” “the douche with the failbeard,” a “fucking insecure loser” with a “fagtastic flameathon of facial distortion” [Ed. note: Okay, I kind of liked that one], a “HUGE douche bag,” a “no talent ass clown” who’s “like a baby drinking breast milk,” a “little limp noodled dick” who ranks among the “douchiest of douchenozzles,” and a “well-trained delusional coward who has anger issues.” Yeah, that about covers it.

Ever the good sport, Casey closed out the latest episode of MMA:ITC by personally responding to some hate mail from CP veterans including Parchy McThirst, danomite, and intercept440. (As you can see, he carved his futurebeard into a question-mark shape for this special occasion). Check out the segment above and…I don’t know, maybe take a moment to feel bad about yourselves. As for Casey, bro, we’ll do everything we can to get your tragic bullying story some national attention. It worked for that fat old bag on the school-bus, right?


Bas Rutten Defends Kimbo’s Beard

(Don’t ask.)

When he’s not hosting Inside MMA, pushing papers in the IFL’s front-office, training Kimbo Slice, or throwing pepper in people’s eyes, the tireless Bas Rutten regularly posts messages in the forum section of his official website, Yesterday, he wrote a long missive responding to claims that Kimbo’s massive, shiny beard unfairly absorbs the force of his opponents’ punches. An excerpt:

I wish that we had to do the Nat Geo episode MMA science again. We cut of a bunch of hair of Kimbo’s beard and glue it on the head of the crash test dummy (you must see by now that if you “picture this” that it really is unbelievably dumb right?) than let Tito elbow, and me hit the head, measure the impact, take the hair of and do it again. Do you really think that will be making a difference? If you think that, you probably also think that Superman is real (his hair is really strong), because that’s where it probably comes from, people who think that comics are real.

This is a beard from hair for crying out loud. If you believe this than you have to believe also that Kimbo has also less speed because the beard is not aerodynamic and will slow his head movement down, so that will make up for the impact absorbing BS, hahaha, man, they should glue some hair on air bags, people now will survive the crash because the one layer of beard took the impact away…

But, if you want to be right, OK, there will be of course a miniscule difference, if they have the equipment to measure such small differences on such great impact, I think it will be about the same as hitting something, than put a plastic bag over it and hit it again.

Rutten also addresses some of the racist bullshit that he’s encountered as Kimbo’s trainer, and we recommend reading the entire thread. Or, you could go to the forum main page where die-hard fans of El Guapo wonder which animals he’d be able to kill in a cage match and how to mend a broken heart.