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Knockout of the Morning: In Malaysia, Glove-Tapping is a Sign of Disrespect Punishable by Death

(Props to the UG for the find. Skip to the 1 minute mark for the start of the action.) 

Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of reactions to the somewhat customary yet completely optional touch of gloves at the beginning of an MMA fight. Manny Gamburyan used the opportunity to kick Jeff Cox in the chest at Fight Night 13 back in 2008, and although he won that fight, “The Anvil” was punished by the karma gods with two straight losses and a pink slip shortly thereafter. Convicted heroin smuggler Paul Kelly attempted a similarly dirty move against Donald Cerrone at UFC 126, then tried acting like he didn’t mean to after he was choked out some seven minutes later. And don’t even get us started on JR Fuller, the patron saint of fake glove-tappers.

Then there are guys like Firuz Karomatov, a Malaysian fighter who, according to his Sherdog profile, stands at 0’0″ and fights at N/Aweight. Karomatov made his professional MMA debut at MFC 6 a couple weeks back, and as is often the case with severely undersized people, he clearly had a chip on his shoulder heading into the fight. And when his opponent, Muhammad Hakim biz Azmi, held his glove out to perform the classic “At Arm’s Length” prank? You better believe that Firuz responded by kicking his bully opponent in the head and blitzkrieging the disrespectful bastard until he lay unconscious on the mat some 15 seconds later.

To be fair, you could make the argument that biz Azmi was not taunting Firuz and was simply trying to be a good sport, but what fun is that? JUSTICE: SERVED.

-J. Jones


Knockout of the Day: Cody Land Knocks the Christmas Spirit Out of James Harrington

Look, we’re all busy today with our Christmas shopping/football watching/religious obligations/normal Sunday activities to waste too much time not driving to the liquor store before the parking lot fills up, so I’ll make this brief. Bantamweight prospect Cody Land fought James Harrington at featherweight during Disorderly Conduct MMA’s Season’s Beatings card last Friday. Harrington picks the wrong time to drop his hands and is met with a brutal overhand left. The result is equal parts this and this. One forced and awkward, yet obligatory “falling Christmas tree” joke later, and we’re ready for the holiday. Alright homies, let’s get drunk.


Cage Potato Video PSA: Don’t Spar With a Stranger in a Cowboy Hat If He Strolls Into Your Gym

(Video courtesy of YouTube/

A word of advice: even if you’re the big dog in your gym, NEVER EVER accept the offer of a dude in a TapouT cowboy hat to spar, lest you might find yourself waking up with Donald Cerrone looking over you rubbing your chest and seeing if you’re okay.