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Gross Video of The Night: Joe Rogan Supportively Shouts at Chicks Swallowing Donkey Semen

(Props: BitchCombo via MRuss)

When our favorite UFC commentator (and stand-up comedian/actor/television show host) Joe Rogan came back with a re-launch of his long-running NBC extreme game show Fear Factor, critics wondered what the point was. We should have known better than to doubt Joe and the Factor producers because they had a sure-fire ratings ace up their sleeves — pairs of pretty twin girls in bikinis gulping down gallons and gallons of donkey jizz and piss.

Unfortunately the suits at NBC decided not to air the episode in America and shortly after, Fear Factor was cancelled. Coincidence? We think not. The pornographic segment* has finally seen the light of day, on Danish Television. We’ll go ahead and assume that Martin Kampmann may have already watched and enjoyed the clip.


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‘Fear Factor’ Caption Contest: BOOM, The Winners!

Fear Factor Joe Rogan NBC explosion

After carefully analyzing the 150+ entries from last week’s Fear Factor contest, we’re ready to crown our latest Caption Contest Champion. But first, some honorable mentions…

Fried Taco: And that is how you clean up spilled ice.

J. Spaceman: ”You may be wondering why we’ve brought you to Stockton, CA. For your first stunt, you will be interviewing Nick Diaz. I understand if you want to drop out now.”

curlyroger: What happens after Steven Seagal teaches you how to light your fart.

wiv-honors: Evidently, avoiding ridiculous movie cliches is not a factor for Joe Rogan.

LOKI: Joe desperately tried to heed the advice of Lot, Oasis and Ace of Base.

Like a Bas: “Man, I hate that huge fireball guy. He’s such a douche, always setting fire to mountains and shit! Who does he think he is, what an assho…he’s behind me, isn’t he?”

Without further ado, your winners…


‘Fear Factor’ Caption Contest: In Which Joe Rogan Leaves a Trail of Destruction in His Wake

(That is some crazy, high-level arson. Props: Fear Factor on Facebook)

If we’ve learned anything from our Michael Bay DVD collection, it’s that calmly walking away from an explosion without even looking at it = ALPHA.

In honor of the stunt-packed and insect-infested return of  Fear Factor — which premieres December 12th on NBC — we thought we’d hold an impromptu caption contest, featuring host Joe Rogan totally ignoring whatever blew up behind him. Submit a clever caption to the comments section by Sunday night at midnight ET; we’ll pick three winners on Monday, who will receive CagePotato t-shirts. Good luck.

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Video: Fear Factor 2.0 is F*cking Crazy

(Video courtesy of NBC)

Free-falling from 600 feet in the air.

Jumping from a burning platform you are standing on while ten stories in the air.

Plummeting 400 feet head first through multiple floors of a wooden structure.

Leaping from a moving bus onto a rope dangling from a helicopter that then drops you onto a speeding boat, that promptly takes you to another helicopter, which dangles you over a barge with gas-filled oil drums while you blow the motherfucker up with a flare gun.

These are four of my recurring nightmares, which all happen to be stunts from the return season of Fear Factor.

According to the show’s producer and host Joe Rogan, an increase in stunt technology has allowed them to multiply the,  ”Holy shit!” factor by 1000 and the result of the equation should be infinite entertainment when NBC launches Fear Factor 2.0 in December.


It’s Back: Check out the New Trailer for “Fear Factor” with Joe Rogan

It been five long years since we’ve been treated to moderately attractive chicks eating African cave dwelling spiders and crashing cars into buildings, but if the trailer for the return of NBC’s Fear Factor says anything, it’s that we are in for some even more clownshit crazy stunts and challenges when it airs December 12th.