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Strikeforce Announces Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers For This Fall

Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers
(Brett was dumbfounded when Fedor slipped him a ten dollar bill and asked to be seated at a quiet table somewhere in the back of the restaurant. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

At today’s Fedor Emelianenko meet-n-greet in New York City, Strikeforce announced that the top heavyweight’s next opponent will be everybody’s favorite work-doer, Brett "The Grim" Rogers.  There’s no solid date just yet, but Strikeforce is shooting for late October or early November, though we all know that if you announce the date of your big show too far in advance it just gives the UFC more time to work up a solid counter-programming effort. 

The decision to match Emelianenko up with Rogers means that Strikeforce is entering the build-up phase of their Fedor marketing approach.  According to our rankings, it’s the #1 heavyweight in the world taking on the #10 heavyweight in the world.  Not exactly a clash of titans, at least on paper, but as long as Rogers doesn’t test positive for steroids and Fedor doesn’t have any trouble with his Work Visa, I suppose we can’t complain.  Now who wants to guess what the odds will be on this one?  If Fedor is anything less than a 5-1 favorite, I’ll be stunned.