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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

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If You Like Fetish Porn, You Might Enjoy Rin Nakai’s Latest Pancrase Promos, You Pervert

(Props: Tip via MiddleEasy)

Look, we know Rin Nakai isn’t for everybody. As an Asian woman who’s built like Bolo Yeung, the undefeated Queen of Pancrase appeals to a very specific fetish. But she’s never been afraid of playing up her unique look, and over the last few months Rin has been recording short promo videos for Pancrase’s YouTube channel, some of which feature her pumping iron while wearing very little clothing. Or bathing. Or just sitting there drinking coffee. It’s weird stuff, to be sure — but if the goal is to promote her fights, I guess it’s better than nothing. We’ve picked out some of Rin Nakai’s more notable clips, which continue after the jump. Enjoy, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys that sort of thing.


Hot Potato Halloween: 18 Photos of MMA Babes in Costumes

Arianny, you have no soul, we have no soul, can’t we patch things up?

Halloween may be a couple of days away but the weekend is already upon us, so you may very well be donning a costume during your post-fight festivities. In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d hit you up with a gallery of female fighters, ring-card girls, and personalities in various stages of festive undress.

Before you go dropping corrections and complaints about some of these not technically being “Halloween” costumes, might we advise you to keep it to yourself? The sport may be evolving, but evolution doesn’t happen overnight, so just enjoy the pictures for what they are and don’t make yourself an easy target in the comments section.


Female MMArtist Makes History!


Jennifer Tate has become the first female MMA fighter to test positive for drugs. Results of a drug test administered during EliteXC’s “Clash at Chumash” event — where Tate was submitted by Shayna Baszler via armbar — showed that Tate had marijuana in her system; she has been suspended for three months and fined $500. The spunky 130-pounder joins such notable mixed martial artists as Nick Diaz, Kazuhiro Nakamura, and Diego Sanchez in the previously male-dominated fraternity of fighters who can’t resist taking a few bong rips before a match. Viva equality!