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Friday Link Dump: UFC to Relaunch ‘Fight For the Troops’ Events, MMA’s Top 10 Rising Stars, The Best State Nicknames + More

(Free fight: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 197)

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Fight Booking Alert: Carmouche vs. Davis & Krause vs. Green Set for Fight for The Troops

(Liz Carmouche pounds out Jessica Andrade | Photo via

Two new bouts were just added to the November 6th UFC Fight for the Troops 3 in Kentucky. Lightweights James Krause and Bobby Green will square up and Marine Veteran Liz Carmouche and Alexis Davis will lock up in a women’s bantamweight contest.

Yahoo! Sports broke the news on Carmouche vs. Davis Friday. The UFC announced the Green/Krause bout on twitter.

Carmouche has fought twice this year already. First, she challenged 135lb champ Ronda Rousey last February, losing by arm bar. In July, however, Carmouche got back in the win column with a second round TKO win over Jessica Andrade. Davis last won a decision over Rosi Sexton at UFC 161

Krause and Green are both riding high heading into their bout. Krause has an eight fight win streak and won his last by submission over Sam Stout. Green came from Strikeforce and submitted Jacob Volkmann in his organization debut at UFC 156. The win was Green’s fifth straight.

The Fight for the Troops card will be headlined by former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida making his middleweight debut against veteran Army Ranger Tim Kennedy.

- Elias Cepeda


Dana White Says Rampage is Next in Line for the Winner of Shogun-Evans and That Nick Diaz is Welcome Back if he Plays the Game

("I trust this dude so much, I’d let him be my chauffeur if he needed a job. We could make it into a reality show and call it ‘Driving Mr. Dana.’")

Dana White helmed a Q&A session at Fort Hood last week ahead of the Fight for the Troops II show Saturday night and the UFC president dropped a handful of interesting tidbits during the hour-long forum.

Perhaps most noteworthy was White’s proclamation that former UFC light heavyweight kingpin Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will likely get the next crack at the winner of the UFC 128 championship bout between current champ Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Rashad Evans. White pointed to Jackson’s win over Lyoto Machida at UFC 123 — a fight many thought should have gone to "The Dragon" — as being the main factor in his title consideration. He also hinted that the winner of next month’s UFC 127 tilt between Ryan Bader and Jon Jones will likely get dibs on the winner of Jackson versus Evans or Rua.

"There are so many guys at 205. Rampage is probably next in line. Rampage is still in the mix. We’ve got Jon Jones and Ryan Bader fighting on the fifth [of February], which is going to be a great fight and catapults one of those guys to the top five.There’s so many great guys in the 205-pound division," White said. "The big problem has been ‘Shogun’s’ injury has been clogging up the division. Now he’s healthy and going to fight, and we’ll get everything rolling. [Shogun's] recovered now and back in training."

Surprisingly, White said that Machida, who just as easily could be sitting in Rampage’s place in line had the judges given him the split decision nod over Jackson, needs to win his upcoming UFC 129 bout in Toronto with Randy Couture, stopping short of saying that he could be on the chopping block if he loses.

"I didn’t think [Lyoto] was ever going to lose," White admitted. "Shogun beat him, and then he just lost to Rampage, too," he explained. "Now he’s fighting Randy Couture. It’s a must-win for him."

White also touched on several other topics, rumors and bout signings. Check the most pertinent ones out after the jump.


Pat Barry Says Beltran Fight will be Like ‘Night of the Living Dead’

(No hard feelings? PicProps: AvantguardBJJ)

Shameless plug: Our man Pat Barry will appear on next week’s episode of the Bum Rush podcast and our interview with him – which taped yesterday – is reportedly pretty awesome. If you’re not already listening to the show (wait, you’re not already listening to the show???) next week would be a good time to buy a ticket for the Bum Rush express. Seriously, get on that shit.

But we digress, Barry also talked to some other “media outlets” this week about his upcoming fight with Joey Beltran at Fight for the Troops 2 next Saturday and the results are typically entertaining. Case in point: Barry’s interview with MMA Weekly, where it becomes clear that he’s been studying a lot of film to get ready for Beltran. George Romero films, mostly.


Swick, Mitchell Both Decide ‘Fighting for the Troops’ Not in the Cards

(Those hats that make it look like you have an arrow through your head? Comedy gold. Somehow, the same principle does not apply to the AK-47. PicProps:

Well, it’s not every day that both guys decide they’d rather not fight. That however seems to be the case with Mike Swick’s scheduled comeback fight against David Mitchell at the UFC’s “Fight for the Troops” event on Jan. 22 in Ford Hood, Tex. Swick, who has not fought since February, announced on his Facebook page recently that Mitchell was out with an injury (a shoulder, people are saying) and said that his own ongoing medical issues made the best option for the former “TUF 1” contestant to sit this one out too, rather than accept a replacement opponent. He sounded more relieved about it than anything else, if you want to know the truth. Here’s the original message from Swick himself, consider all his quotes in this story fully sic’d: 

"Not fighting on January 22nd," the fighter wrote. "I got the call yesterday that David Mitchell backed out due to an injury and considering my current situation we opted to put off the fight all together."


Dana White Gets Humanitarian Award, Rails Against “Pussies in Hollywood”

(Props: Cage Writer)

Dana White received the Armed Forces Foundation’s Humanitarian Award, which he undoubtedly earned with all the fundraising work he’s done on behalf of American troops.  I mean seriously, the UFC put on an event to help injured soldiers when our own government couldn’t seem to find the money to treat them.  Most people would have just gone up there and accepted the award while saying a few words about how much the sacrifices made by American servicemen and women mean to him.  But Dana White isn’t most people.


Watch This Now: “MMA in December 2008″

Our highlight-video-making buddy Facey has launched a new site called FightFace, where he’ll be compiling the best MMA moments of every month into a single convenient clip. As far as source material is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than December 2008, which is the subject of Facey’s first installment. See above for the craziest stoppages from the TUF 8 finale, UFC’s "Fight for the Troops," WEC 37, UFC 92, and Fields Dynamite!! 2008. It’s an awesome project so keep your eye on it and show some support.

Also: If you don’t think it’s too early in the day to watch bikini-clad chicks gyrate at an MMA ring girl competition, you may want to watch the clip after the jump.


“The Hater Hurter” Cut by UFC After Loss?

(Hater Hurter, we hardly knew ye.  Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees will be released from his UFC contract after losing via submission to Steve “Hollywood” Bruno on last night’s F(2)T(2) card, reports Five Ounces of Pain.  It was the second loss in two UFC bouts for Rees (or, as I like to call him, THH), who was undefeated when he first signed with the organization. 

Just goes to show that a perfect record in the minor leagues doesn’t always guarantee success in the big show.  I don’t think I need to point out that Dana White should watch his back after cutting that dude, as he may now be officially dubbed a hater in Rees’ book.

There could be more roster cuts coming after last night, which isn’t surprising considering that the card was populated with so many inexperienced, unproven fighters.  Some of those who lost last night, such as Brandon Wolff, may just need more time to sharpen their skills.  Other guys who went down – say by a nasty arm break that was totally avoidable, for instance – might want to rethink their career path while they’re on the mend, or at the very least work on their tapping motion with the arm that’s not in a cast.

Some good news, via, is that Yoshiyuki Yoshida was treated and released from the hospital, having suffered nothing more serious than a concussion in his knockout loss.  You hate to think of a concussion as the best case scenario, but after seeing the shot Yoshida took, I’d say that’s getting off kind of easy.


Most Injury-Riddled Card Ever?

(Duuuuuuuude.  No.  Photo courtesy of our friends at Fight! Magazine.)

In addition to the nauseating injuries to Corey Hill (whose broken leg is seen from a different angle above) and Razak Al-Hassan (who, let’s be honest, brought it on himself, even if Cantwell was a dick about it afterwards), UFC’s "Fight For The Troops" could go down as the Gettysburg of UFC cards due to the sheer number and gruesomeness of the injuries.  That is sadly ironic when you consider that F(2)T(2) was a benefit show for injured soldiers.

Obviously Yoshiyuki Yoshida needed medical attention after being knocked out by Josh Kosheck, though there’s no word yet on how he’s doing this morning. 

CBS Sportsline reports that Jonathan Goulet was also taken to the hospital immediately after being knocked out by Mike Swick in order to undergo a brain scan.  He also may have torn his MCL when he crumpled up in an awkward position as a result of the blows, said his agent, Ken Pavia.

Then, of course, there’s Brandon Wolff, who received stitches for facial lacerations and definitely needed a series of rotating ice packs for that lump on his head.  Pavia, who is also his agent, in true Drew Rosenhaus fashion, said Wolff may have briefly lost vision in one eye early on in the fight after one of Saunders’ head kicks ended up sticking a toe in his eye.

Man, when the guy who gets out of there with only stitches, a messed up face, and an eyeball that’s been toe-poked is considered to be much, much better off than most of the other guys who suffered losses on the same card, you know it was a rough night.  Please UFC, for the sake of your fighters, no more benefit shows.  The roster just can’t take it.


UFC’s Fight For The Troops: The Lil’ Liveblog That Could

(Don’t ask.  Don’t tell.  Courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

That’s right, people.  It’s F2T2 time (Fight For the Troops, get it?  Thanks to commenter Rxdrug for the assist on that one) and I am ready to go.  The card may not be star-studded, but it’s a lot of guys with something to prove in front of perhaps the most testosterone-fueled crowd in recent history, so I have a feeling something magical could happen tonight.  Or, worst case scenario, we see some free fights.

Remember to hit refresh to keep up with the action.  I’m all hopped up on tacos and high-powered gas station coffee, so you do not want to mess around and get left behind when this party train leaves the station.