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Reebok Has Once Again Pissed Off Everybody With Its Latest Shirt Design

(Think that’s bad? Just wait until you see what Reebok has planned for UFC Korea…)

To describe both fan and fighter reaction to the UFC’s deal with Reebok as anything other than “hostile” would be a bridge too far for most MMA writers to cross. On the UFC side of things, dozens of fighters have publicly lamented the sad realities of the deal, legendary cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran was fired by the UFC after speaking up against it, and Brendan Schaub essentially retired because of it. (It’s honestly as if they don’t understand that matching spandex uniforms are the *one* thing keeping MMA from mainstream acceptance.)

Of course, it doesn’t help that Reebok seems to be f*cking up at every turn just as badly as the UFC is. The apparel company’s Facebook page has been flooded with negative comments since the very start of the deal, their Fight Kit unveiling ceremony was a train wreck, the sponsorship figures are garbage, and the uniforms themselves are both insanely overpriced and wholly unappealing.

And now, Reebok has dropped the ball yet again.

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