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So What Exactly *Did* Jimi Manuwa Do to Ryan Jimmo’s Leg?

(Photo via Getty. Go here for a gif of the ending.)

This might be old news by now, but if you recall, Ryan Jimmo‘s left leg seemed to implode in the second round of his Fight Night 30 scrap with Jimi Manuwa last weekend. Being that something similar happened in Manuwa’s previous scrap with Cyrille Diabate, I immediately speculated that Manuwa must be some sort of demonic scanner (obviously). All three of the man’s fights have ended with either a doctor’s intervention, a freak injury, or some combination of the two.

The point is, when the list of medical suspensions for Fight Night 30 were released earlier today, one would expect Jimmo’s name to appear right near the top. Possible reasons: torn hamstring, blown ACL, touch of the Plague, etc. In any case, one would be wrong (via The UG):

Ryan Jimmo: 7 days no contact

Jimi Manuwa: 180 days no fighting, needs x-ray and ultrasound

I’m not saying this supports my “Jimi Manuwa is physically capable of shooting mind bullets” theory, but it basically supports my¬†”Jimi Manuwa is physically capable of shooting mind bullets” theory. In fact, it appears that Manuwa’s mind has become extraordinary to his own detriment, as he somehow walked away from Fight Night 30 with a 180 day suspension. A telekinesis-induced brain aneurysm, perhaps? Perhaps, you guys.

The full list of suspensions are after the jump.