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UFC Dublin Aftermath: An Underwhelming Card That Underwhelmed, Underwhelmingly

(“What? WHAT? I’m not the guy who booked this fight!” via Getty.)

I’ll be honest, Nation; due to a number of extenuating circumstances including an increased workload at other websites and an ever-growing apathy for the sport of MMA aroused by the increasingly poor decision making of the UFC (not to mention, the dissolution of this website), last weekend’s Fight Night 76 was actually the first UFC card I was able to catch live in some 3 months. Being that it also happened to be the UFC’s first card following an unprecedented 3 week break, fan expectations were high in general to say the least.

But then, it lost its co-main event. Then, it lost its *main* event. What was once a solid night (afternoon) of fights quickly dissolved into one of the worst cards on paper in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Yet still, I retained hope. Weak cards on paper are just that, right? Some of the UFC’s worst looking cards ended up being some of the most exciting cards of them all, RIGHT? Fight Night 65, anyone? How about Fight Night 68, or Fight Night 55, or the injury-plagued UFC 178?

Sadly, UFC Dublin was not one of those nights.