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(What Xenophon did over the holidays)

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail for Domestic Assault

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It looks like Floyd Mayweather Jr. won’t be able to weasel his way out of all of the charges that have been levied against him the past year.

Mayweather, 34, pleaded guilty today to reduced battery domestic violence and harassment charges in Las Vegas and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 100 hours of community service and was given a $2,500 fine. He will begin serving his sentence on January 6 and will likely be released after serving 30 days if he behaves while behind bars.


Mayweather Jr. Answers Questions Two Dudes ‘Axe’ him About De La Hoya, Merchant, Ortiz and Pacquiao

(Video courtesy of 45)

Anyone who ever complains about the growing number of MMA fanboys with URL’s and podcasts claiming to be journalists needs to listen to the clip above of two dudes, who are obvious fans of Floyd Mayweather, feeding the boxing champ softball questions. In fact, some of the questions aren’t actually questions at all, but at least we sort of get to hear what Floyd has to say about a few things.

One of the interviewers is a DJ by the name of “DJ Whoo Kid” and the other seems to be DJ WK’s hype man and FMJ’s biggest fan, given his numerous nuthugging statements like “Ortiz got exactly what he deserved after that headbutt.” He obviously wasn’t listening during the first half of the interview as he continually asks the exact same questions as Whoo Kid.

As a public service for those readers who can’t (or won’t) sit through the interview, check out the key points after the jump.


Strange Video of the Day: Tito Ortiz Asks Victor Ortiz Awkward Question at Post Fight Presser

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FightHype)

If you happened to catch the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz post-fight press conference Saturday night, you may have done a double take when you heard Tito Ortiz take the mic and ask the challenger a question. Not sure if Tito pretended to be a journalist so he could score ringside seats to the fight or maybe he was forced to get a part-time job after taking a substantial pay cut for his last two fights, but judging by his work, maybe he shouldn’t quit his day job.

We all know that Tito is a linguistics expert and an expert on the anatomy of deaf people, but let’s just say that he makes us *other* reporters look good when he tries his hand at journalism. His was longer and more incoherent than the answer given by the guy who just got knocked out.

Check out the transcription of the awkward exchange after the jump.


Video: Floyd Mayweather’s Controversial 4th-Round Knockout of Victor Ortiz

(Props: gsemajt)

Floyd Mayweather upped his perfect boxing record to 42-0 last night with a fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz, a win that earned him the WBC Welterweight World Title — but it wouldn’t be Money May without a little controversy.

Mayweather controlled the majority of the first three rounds with his trademark speed, outlanding his younger opponent. The fourth frame was a back-and-forth slugfest, opening with a furious assault by Floyd. But Ortiz turned the tables and battered Mayweather against the ropes in the final minute. Unfortunately, the 24-year-old let his emotions get the better of him.

As you can see in the video above, Ortiz blatantly head-butts Mayweather with 14 seconds left in the round. The referee spots the foul and immediately separates the fighters. By way of apology, Ortiz walks over to Mayweather to give him a hug and kiss. That’s strike one.


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

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According to Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Uncle ‘Money’ Will Fight Pacquiao in 2013

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FightHype.)

Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of IBO, WBC, IBA, IBF and IBO Welterweight World champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. says that he’s confident that his nephew will finally face longtime nemesis and WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao some time in 2013.

“I think [Floyd] will be fighting another couple of years,” he told “I think that’s being realistic because I think the [best] fight that’s out there will take that long to materialize.”


Video: Mike Tyson Talks About Where His Money Went, Pacquiao-Mayweather and His Hall of Fame Status

If you’re a Mike Tyson fan like I am, one of the toughest things to witness was the once thought unstoppable heavyweight’s fall from grace and prominence in the world of boxing.

Whether or not you think he’s guilty of the charges that saw him spend some of the best years of his life in prison is irrelevant to his place in Boxing Hall of Fame and the trials and tribulations the beleagured former champion has gone through in his life, from falling victim to the trappings of success to hangers on like Robin Givens to losing a child.

The interviews above and below are must-watch material for any current and former fans or for those who want to know what happened to Tyson, beyond what he touched on in his acclaimed self-titled documentary.

I have an autographed pic of “Iron Mike” in his heyday on the wall of my office that I’m looking at as I write this that depicts the champ like I remember him and before all of his troubles outside the ring caught up to him. That’s how I want to remember him, because I’m a fan of his performances in the ring back then.

Check out the other parts of the interview after the jump.


Video: Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley ‘Highlights’, Such as They Are

If you missed Manny Pacquiao‘s latest performance on Saturday night, well, you didn’t miss much. The boxing megastar defended his WBO welterweight title by unanimous decision against “Sugar” Shane Mosley, in a bout that was marked by a disappointing lack of action. It’s not suprising that this CBS Sports highlight reel starts at the end of the 10th round. The only notable moments before that were a knockdown that Pacquiao scored in the 3rd frame — which seemed to convince Mosley to quit engaging altogether — and a trip/shove by Mosley earlier in the tenth that the referee decided to rule a knockdown, just to keep things interesting. Nevertheless, two of the judges ignored the ref’s bad call and gave every round to Pacquiao.

As we told y’all on Friday, the Pacquaio/Mosley match was Gus Johnson’s final play-by-play gig for Showtime, and he made sure to trot out his diverse range of knowledge. At the 0:52 mark: “He kinda throws, in the MMA world, it’s a version of the ‘Superman’ punch.” GuJo‘s just keeping the chops sharp until the UFC comes calling, I guess.

After every mechanical victory by Pacquiao over an outmatched opponent, our thoughts always turn to Floyd Mayweather Jr., and what he might be up to right now. Well, get a load of this…


BJ Penn Training With Floyd Mayweather Sr. to Prepare for UFC 127 Fight With Jon Fitch

("Minced martial arts is great. I watch it all the time.")

It looks like former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ BJ Penn has brought in a new secret weapon to help him prepare for upcoming UFC 127 bout with perennial contender Jon Fitch in Australia.

Fight Hype is reporting that “The Prodigy” has spent some time in Las Vegas honing his pugilistic skills with acclaimed boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior.

The father of IBO, IBA, IBF and WBC welterweight and WBC super welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Junior, Senior has trained several top boxers including his son, Oscar De La Hoya, Leila Ali, Ricky Hatton, Joan Guzman and Chad Dawson.

“Joy” says that when “The Prodigy” first showed up at his gym, his nickname didn’t seem to be an accurate description of the Hilo, Hawaii native’s fighting prowess, but with a few days of his tutelage, Penn picked up a lot.

“BJ Penn is a cool dude, man. I’ll be honest, at first, it didn’t seem like he could fight that good. I mean, I don’t know about his ground game and all of that stuff, but he’s got some pop and in just the three days I’ve been working with him, he has improved, man,” he says. “In his words, man, he told me, ‘I ain’t never seen some of this stuff you’re showing me, man.’ And that’s only after three days. BJ is learning fast, man. He’s a good guy.”