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Video Evidence: Jens Pulver Got KO’d Last Night

(Video props: YouTube/Vadge99. Catch Round 1 here)

We’re going to accept some of the blame for this one, fellas. After taking a clear stance on the former UFC champion hanging up his gloves, we celebrated a couple of relatively unimpressive victories and practically encouraged Jens along. Well, no more.

Last night Pulver looked to get back on the winning track at regional start-up Resurrection Fighting Alliance against the 6-2-1 Tim Elliott. “Little Eagle Evil” got dropped halfway through the first round, but survived the ensuing torrent of punches which left both men visibly tired. Neither fighter looked recovered from the break as they headed into round two. Elliott backed a weary Pulver against the cage with a combination before reaching for a thai clinch. As Jens shot in, a well-timed knee put him down and out.

Pulver is a grown man and the decision to call it quits belongs to him alone, certainly not to an MMA website, and certainly not to a moderately irresponsible one. That being said, when you see an aging fighter get laid out like that and then see him admit that he didn’t train seriously for the fight, you’ve got to question his decision making ability.

After the jump, a beautiful 26-second head kick KO from last night’s event.


The UFC Announces a Chuck Liddell Clearance Sale

chuck Liddell UFC store sale
(15% off that creepy Chuck cut-out?  Why, I’d be losing money if I didn’t buy it!)

Subtlety has never been something the UFC does particularly well, so I suppose it’s only fitting that they approach Chuck Liddell’s forced retirement with the same lack of sensitivity and tact.  According to an email sent out by the UFC earlier today, just about everything in the UFC store with the words “Chuck” or “Liddell” or “Iceman” on it is hitting the clearance rack.  Consider it their way of saying, ‘Thanks for the memories, Chuck.  Now help us move all your shit into storage so we can make room for the new line of Amir Sadollah baby tees.’ 

Is it a little cold-hearted?  Yeah, but that’s life in the UFC.  One day you’re on top of the world, and the next they’re giving away your signature tank tops to bewildered villagers in Africa.