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CagePotato PSA: A Change Is Gonna Come…

Got a couple things to share with you today, Potatoheads…

- We know that CagePotato’s commenting system sucks at the moment. It’s hard to log into, it’s buggy, and it’s been completely overrun by spammers. That’s why we’ll be switching to a Facebook-login system in the near future, which will be much easier to use, and will hopefully inspire a lot more of you to stop lurking and start leaving some comments on our daily posts.

- Speaking of “overrun by spammers,” it’s time to bid adieu to the CagePotato forums. They’ve actually become dangerous from a security standpoint, and we simply don’t have the resources to update/overhaul/monitor them so that they provide a positive experience for their few remaining users. In the immediate future, they’ll still be accessible at, but pretty soon, they’ll be gone. They had a good run, but it’s over.

As with any change to the environment of a website you’ve been visiting for months, or even years, now is the time to throw yourself out of a window and vow that you’ll never come here again. I know that some of these changes will negatively affect some of you — the loss of your beloved usernames, no more forums or handbag spam — but this is all being done to benefit of the majority of our readers, who will hopefully have a smoother experience on our site when this is all said and done. And after that, some upgrades to our mobile site will even make browsing CagePotato on your phone less aggravating. So trust us, take our hands, and together we will march forward into a promising future. Thanks, as always, for your support.



Right Now in the Forums: Who’s Your Guilty Pleasure Fighter?

(See what you’ve left us with, oppressive gun laws?  Now Kimbo has to use his fists and that other guy, well, he just has to pretend.)

‘Sup, Potato Nation.  As many of you have noticed, discussions are popping off in the forums, and there is a surprisingly small amount of stupid bullshit being contributed to said discussions.  Well, at least that’s the case before Kadumel shows up (jokes! we love you Kadumel, but we also love busting your chops. it’s a mean-spirited love, like the one between your parents).

For those of you who haven’t realized what kind of awesomeness you’re missing out on in the forums, we thought we’d take the opportunity every so often to point you to an interesting thread.  This week’s best topic so far, courtesy of Drew, who suggested it and Sarah, who did something about it, is: Who is your guilty pleasure fighter?

You know, the guy who isn’t the best in his weight class, who has obvious problems of one sort or another, and who you might not even admit to liking lest you be mocked by MMA snobs everywhere.  But dammit, you love watching the guy in much the same way you love watching “7th Heaven.”

Drew got the ball rolling by admitting that his guilty pleasure fighter is Kimbo Slice.  And you know, we think that’s…brave?


UFC 94 Danablog #4, + the Return of the Pick-em Contest

You know, it’s nice that even as hard as Dana White works he still finds time for a little fun, mainly by busting the balls of subordinates and playing office pranks on co-workers.  Whatever gets you through the day, right?  Although you can’t help but feel that Dana might not be as fun-loving were he on the business end of these pranks (remember the shock pen?).  But I guess that’s one advantage of being the boss.  The video blog cameraman aptly sums up his situation at the end of this installment, saying: “It’s like National Geographic.  They don’t stop the lions from eating the gazelles; they just film it.”

In other UFC 94 news, many of you have noticed that there’s no official Cage Potato Pick-em Contest for this event, mainly because we’ve been giving away so much stuff we’re pretty tapped at the moment.  That doesn’t mean you can’t still play for pride though, as the more enterprising among you have discovered.  

Head on over to our forums right now and enter your picks for a chance to win…a swift kick in the balls?  Dammit, you guys aren’t using our forums to try and turn this into one of your weirdo fetish sites again, are you?  Either way, best of luck to you all in the informal UFC 94 Pick-em Contest.


CagePotato Technical Difficulties Update

Simpsons Star Trek Head in Hands anime
(We know how you feel. Image courtesy of HolyTaco; click for larger image.)

By now, most of you are aware that leaving comments on this site is a royal fucking pain in the ass to the tenth power. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t get e-mails from readers complaining about the “You’re posting comments too fast” error message, and we just wanted to let you know that yes, we are aware of the problem. In fact, it should be fixed by this weekend. Chalk it up to our tremendous growth clashing with the shitty Wordpress template that we launched on. As Marlo Stanfield would say, “it’s one of them good problems.” Anyway, once everything is working properly, we’ll let you know, and we hope that those of you who gave up trying to leave comments will re-emerge from the shadows of lurkery. Any blog lives and dies by its community of readers, the two-way exchange of information, etc., and you’re all very important to us. Thanks so much for your patience.

Speaking of our community of readers, we’re happy to announce that something else on our site which was previously plagued with bugs — our forums section — is now fully operational again. In the month-and-a-half or so when this thing was actually working, it was a great place to discuss news stories after they dropped off the front page, trade outlandish rumors, and post pics of Marisa Miller. Unless you’re already committed to being a retarded Sherdogger (boooooo!), please register and help us build the coolest MMA forum on the web.

Oh, and one more thing: Though it’s never been broken, our Wiki section is just not very well-traveled. So whenever you’re bored, please search for your favorite fighter’s page and add some info/photos/links, or correct any inaccuracies. We’re currently in the process of building that up as well, and one day we hope to make it the most complete and entertaining collection of fighter bios on any MMA site.

Thanks again for all your support…

— BG


Attention Trolls: CagePotato Forums Now Open for Flaming!

Taiwan Legislature brawl
(Spirited debate is always welcome.)

To better encourage communication and interaction among the witty and energetic members of the Potato Nation, we’re pleased to announce that now has its own Forums section! Head to (or just click the button at the top of the page), register your screen name, and help us build this thing up by tossing in your two cents on the latest MMA news, upcoming fights, and everything else related to God’s Chosen Sport; or you could just shout out your favorite Thin Lizzy song, because apparently that works too. We had a couple friends test it out yesterday and all seems to be well, but if you run into any bugs, let us know at Thanks, as always, for your support. How ’bout we take this CagePotato thing to the next level?