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NY Fox Affiliate Hates MMA So Much It Can Barely Stand to Sensationalize It

(Props: MMA Payout)

Prepare yourselves, Potato Nation. What you are about to see in the above video from MyFox New York is not like anything you’ve ever seen. Unless you’ve seen MMA before. In that case, yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing you’ve seen before. Still, it shocks the hell out of this Fox affiliate. They found it so deplorably violent they went ahead and added bullwhip sound effects to it. That should solve it. Oh, and did they mention that one guy works for the MTA? His eye is swollen. Now you know why the G train is never running.

Funny thing is, I’ve actually attended this underground fight series before. It was at a gym in Queens (represent!), and aside from being amateurish (which is what you expect from amateur fighters), it was a pretty normal night of MMA fights.

Now, we could go back and forth about whether this kind of unlicensed, unsanctioned event is keeping MMA illegal in New York, or whether keeping it unlicensed and unsanctioned is only making inevitable events like these needlessly dangerous, but I’d rather not have that discussion. Instead I’d rather discuss news outlets that want an excuse to show violence, while still managing to look down their collective noses at a sensationalized, edited, voiced-over version of the sport of MMA.

What’s next, Fox? Reporting about how bad porn is while showing porn?