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Frank Trigg Coming Back to the UFC, Can a Reunion Fight With Matt Hughes Be Far Behind?

Frank Trigg
(When Frank Trigg finds himself in a jam, he just asks that suave son of a bitch in the mirror what to do. And he always knows just what to say)

Like it or not, Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg is headed back to the UFC Octagon for another go ‘round.  He’s thirty-seven years old and yet just signed a four-fight deal to compete in the UFC’s welterweight division, despite having competed intermittently as a middleweight recently.  Either the UFC felt his current four-fight winning streak or his 7-2 record since leaving the organization was good enough to justify another shot at the big time, or else they’re in desperate need of someone for Matt Hughes to fight.  Because oh no, Country Breakfast isn’t ready to hang it up just yet.