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‘Hot Potato’ Exclusive: Adult Film Star Carmen Valentina Does Her GSP Dance, Just for You

(Unbelievable props:

Carmen Valentina is a fun-lovin’ porn chick who just happens to be a daily reader of She was so smitten with our recent Georges St. Pierre GIF gallery, that she wanted to pay tribute in some way. And so, she recorded the above video of herself dancing, inspired by GSP’s own goofy moves.

We appreciated the opening shout-out, and we loved the dancing — but at the 1:20 mark, things take a turn for the legendary. Thank you Carmen Valentina, for producing the greatest Free CagePotato message to date, then personally insulting our staff writer DangadaDang. See, I told you guys she was one of us!

Show Carmen some love at @ClubCarmenXXX and, and check out some of our favorite Carmen Valentina photos after the jump.


Five More Things That Dana White Would Be Pretty F*cking Stupid Not to Do

By Jason Moles

As soon as Joe Rogan put the mic in Chael Sonnen’s face for the customary post-fight comments at UFC 136, it hit us; Sonnen is clearly the best trash talker in the history of the sport.

Everyone watching went bananas as the American Gangster challenged the pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva, to a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match. At that point in time there is nothing MMA fans wanted more* than to see that fight happen, Dana White included.

USA Today recently caught a word with UFC President Dana White where he told them that he “would be pretty f*cking stupid not to book Silva vs. Sonnen 2.” It seems that Captain Obvious has reared his head once again to the delight of almost everyone.

This got me thinking about other things that, if left undone, would make Dana White pretty f*cking stupid. Keep on reading below and put me on blast for being a TUF Noob in the comments.


Photo Gallery: CagePotato’s UFC 129 ‘Banned’ Pre-Party in Toronto

Joe SIlva Free CagePotato Toronto UFC Fan Expo
(Above: Bern poses with a completely terrified Joe Silva. Below: Proof that at least one human female attended our party. Success!)
CagePotato UFC 129 party Toronto Shoeless Joe's

As promised, here are some photographic highlights from last Thursday’s CagePotato party at Shoeless Joe’s in Toronto, with a few “Free CagePotato” photos from the UFC Fan Expo thrown in for flavor. Thanks again to everybody who came, wore our t-shirts, took pictures, and got drunk at our expense. Most of these pics were shot by CagePotato All-Star Bern E., who sent them to us out of the goodness of his heart (so he says), not to win that GSP headband signed by the Octagon Girls. Well too bad buddy, because you’re the winner anyway. I’ll be in touch.

Lots more good times after the jump.


Send Us Your ‘Free CagePotato’ Pics From the Weekend, Win An Amazing Strip of Cloth

Jason MacDonald UFC 129 free cagepotato t-short
(UFC middleweight Jason MacDonald and a Potato Nation All-Star. Props: Brian J. D’Souza)

Thanks again to all the beautiful people who swung through Shoeless Joe’s in Toronto on Thursday night for our UFC 129 ‘Banned’ Meetup. We had an amazing time, and it was cool to put some faces to screennames. (If you think we should do it again in Houston, say ‘aye’.) We have one request, though. We saw a lot of you snapping photos all night of you and your friends rocking the Free CagePotato t-shirts. Well, we want those photos. Me and Mike would have taken some pictures ourselves, but we were too busy shaking hands and kissing babies.

So, if you have any photos of yourself or your crew rocking our shirts at the pre-party, or at the Fan Expo, or at UFC 129, please post them on our Facebook wall or e-mail them to We’ll post our favorites later in the week, and the best one will receive a souvenir GSP headband personally signed by Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer. (You can gaze upon its glory right here.) Thanks for the help guys.

After the jump: A video highlight-reel from the party, edited by our pal Brian J. D’Souza, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that nobody should try to interview Ben Goldstein while he’s been drinking. Seriously.


Announcing the UFC 129 ‘Banned’ Meet-Up in Toronto!

Free CagePotato t-shirt

They may have blocked us from having a booth at next weekend’s UFC Fan Expo, but that won’t stop us from trucking up to Toronto and hangin’ with our Canadian fans. If you’ll be in town for the UFC 129 festivities, we cordially invite you to the UFC 129 ‘Banned’ Meetup Extravaganza (!), which goes down at Shoeless Joe’s (276 King St. West), next Thursday, April 28th, from 7-10 p.m.

While there will be many different parties and events happening around Toronto on Thursday night, ours is different in one very important way: OPEN FREAKIN’ BAR. That’s right, CagePotato will be covering beer, well drinks, and appetizers until our money runs out, so be sure to get there early. You’ll also get a “Free CagePotato” t-shirt (as supplies last), as long as you can look us directly in the eyes and promise that you’ll wear it to at least one day of the UFC Fan Expo on Friday or Saturday. (And if you see Sammie Black there with his silly little fake-ass jump rope, please make sure to make fun of him as hard as we did in Boston.)

If you can make it out, all we ask is one thing: Please RSVP by e-mailing with your real name, commenter name (if you have one), and the number of guests you plan on bringing along. We need to get a head-count for this thing by Tuesday, or else Shoeless Joe himself is going to kick our asses. To summarize…


Loretta Hunt Says CBS Sports May ‘Cool’ on MMA Coverage Due to Zuffa’s Bush League Media Policies

(My God, the muckraking! Pic: Strikeforce)

After being denied media access to cover last weekend’s Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley for CBS Sports (and apparently buying a ticket and going anyway), longtime reporter Loretta Hunt conducted a video chat with fellow scribe Jason Probst on Monday to discuss the ongoing banishment of many of the sport’s best-known journalists from events controlled by the UFC. We missed it, but since Zuffa, LLC’s brazen efforts to marginalize media it doesn’t deem friendly enough to its own interests is perhaps the biggest story consistently ignored by “credentialed” MMA sites (for obvious reasons, right?), we figure some of it needs repeating.

For starters, Hunt claims the honchos at CBS Sports are not impressed that Zuffa continues to conduct media relationships like a 13-year-old girl deciding who can ride the pony at her birthday party. It appears that heavy-hitters like CBS are used to a certain amount of professionalism from the entities they cover and the UFC obviously sorely lacks in that department. Zuffa has been such a pain in the ass that Hunt says CBS might just chuck it the fuck-it bucket and stop covering MMA entirely. So, that seems counterproductive. Her quotes – with props to Fight Opinion for the original transcriptions — and some of our own musings are after the jump …


‘Free CagePotato’: Facebook/Twitter T-Shirt Winners, Round 3

Free Cage Potato dog
(Admit it — you helped him make that sign. Props: Nathan F.)

Update to all the previous winners: The Free CagePotato t-shirts finally arrived on Friday. Yes, they actually exist, and no, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll start sending ‘em out this week, so be patient and you’ll get yours before long.

Anyway, with legitimate journalists now being blacklisted by Zuffa, it’s getting harder to imagine that our own dumbass website will actually be “freed” in any sort of practical sense. But if you get your hands on one of our shirts, we hope you’ll wear it in support of every MMA media outlet that has been struck down in the wake of the Strikeforce/UFC merger, every fighter that will be out of luck when his Strikeforce contract runs out, and every sponsor that has been barred from helping MMA fighters make a living. Because maybe, just maybe, CagePotato is…all of us?

We appreciate your continued support and we’d love to get some shirts out to a few more of you. If we ran your photo or tweet this week, please e-mail your name, shirt-size, and address to, and we’ll hook you up.


‘Free CagePotato’: Twitter/Facebook T-Shirt Winners, Round 2

Free CagePotato sign UFC MMA WWE Raw
(Mike V., representing at WWE Raw)

Yeeeaaaaahhh buddy! Time to give away some more Free CagePotato t-shirts to those of you who posted “Free CagePotato” signs on our Facebook wall, or sent a unique and persuasive tweet @danawhite with the #freecagepotato tag. If we ran your photo or tweet this week, please e-mail your name, shirt-size, and address to, and we’ll hook you up…as soon as the shirts come in. (Be patient, guys.) Thanks for the support, and please continue to submit your entries for a chance to be recognized next week. More good stuff after the jump…

Free CagePotato Jake Shields belts shirts MMA
(Mike S., doing his Jake Shields impression. Damn, how’d you get all those Hall of Fame shirts?)


‘Free CagePotato’: Twitter/Facebook T-Shirt Winners, Round 1

Free CagePotato UFC MMA photos
(Props: mmachiro)

So here’s how we’ll do this: Every week, we’ll announce a handful of our favorite #freecapotato Twitter messages and Facebook photos. As promised, those people will all get “Free CagePotato” t-shirts; if we run your photo or tweet, please e-mail your name, shirt-size, and address to, and we’ll hook you up. Lots more after the jump…

Free CagePotato UFC MMA photos
(Props: Miles B.)


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Free CagePotato baby
(Awwwwww! Props: Chad S.,

Some selected highlights from our friends around the MMA blogosphere. E-mail for details on how your site can join the MMA Link Club…

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