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Knockout of the Day: Unlucky Brazilian Gets Front-Kick KO’d, Then Flying Knee KO’d [GIF]

(Props: caposa on the UG)

This gif comes to us from Saturday’s Jungle Fight event in Sao Paulo, where Nova Uniao product Ari Santos made short work of opponent Robert Fonseca, finishing him in just 63 seconds. Anytime the Seagal Kick is landed in MMA competition, it’s worth mentioning — but Santos picks up mad style points by dazing Fonseca with a front kick, then lowering the boom with a jaw-crumbling flying knee. Ari Santos, you are officially on our radar!

If you’re interested in seeing a very crappy, TV-shot version of the complete fight, we got you covered after the jump.


Knockout of the Day: Diaz-Wannabe Gets Front-Kicked Into Never-Neverland

(Props: TuffNUffTV via MiddleEasy)

Rule #63 of MMA showboating: Don’t extend your arms in a Diaz-salute during a fight unless you’re absolutely, positively sure that your opponent lacks the power to knock you out; otherwise you could potentially look like a fool when your opponent leaves you sleeping. (Rule #63b: This rule counts double if you have a stupid fucking haircut.)

The wonderful knockout above comes to us from Sunday’s Tuff N Uff show in Las Vegas, where Shai Lindsey tried to be a cage-gangster, but instead fell prey to a very slick switch-front-kick right to the chin from Carlo Junio. Since this knockout happened at the very end of round 2, an inept referee might have woken Lindsey up and given him a chance to get his revenge in round 3. Luckily, the ref on that night was consummate professional Mike “Am I Hallucinating That Mustache?” Beltran, who handles his business properly.


Knockout of the Day: Justin Buchholz Snoozes Steve Lopez Via Front-Kick

(Props: SuperiorCageCombat)

Two Saturdays ago at Superior Cage Combat 1 in Las Vegas, lightweight UFC veteran Justin Buchholz became the third person since February to score a front-kick knockout in an MMA fight, which came in the closing minute of his headlining bout against Steve Lopez. In a bizarre and tragic coincidence, Lopez happens to be a member of the Xtreme Couture camp, just like Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort, who previously fell victim to the suddenly-hip technique in the UFC. Damn, those guys have to be spooked right now.

2011: Year of the Front Kick. Don’t try to fight it.