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Least Prepared MMA Fighter Ever Takes to the Cage, So Let’s Watch and Laugh

VidProps: KravMagaDesoto/YouTube

You know, we were really hesitant to post this at first. Here we have video of a fighter that has clearly spent about the same amount of time in training as the “Say Goodnight” guys, fighting in public, in front of a paying crowd, no less, and she’s being recorded. She’s clearly out of her depth, and dangerously overmatched. It is, quite frankly, a spectacle, and it’s probably bad for the sport, right?

That’s when we realized that we woke up cranky and crabby and possibly some other c-words. (Plus, it’s already shown up in every combat sports forum on the interwebs.)

While yes, the fighter is overmatched and could be hurt as a result, safety and professionalism win the day, as her opponent and the referee do a good job of ending the fight as soon as it becomes apparent that Mrs Butterbean has no defensive skills. (Or offensive skills. Really, not much in the way of skills on this lady at all.)

With those concerns assuaged, what we’re left with is some very amusing video of a fighter who reacts to an MMA fight like she’s being attacked by a hive of Tropical Rapist Bees intent on removing her clothing and stinging her repeatedly on the face and gut. Her striking is so bad it would still be ineffective if she had cybernetic hands dipped in glue and glass. And then set on fire.

CagePotato has been unable to confirm that the unnamed fighter thanked her trainer, Greg Stott, after the official announcement of her loss. Actually, we’ve been unable to find any info about this fight at all, and Krava Maga Desoto hasn’t shared any info with us. Perhaps it’s better for all involved if she just remains anonymous.



Amazing Backflip Breaks Fighter’s Spirit

(Props: Druskee27 on the UG)

So it’s late in the fight and you haven’t been able to break your opponent down mentally?  No problem, dog.  Just bust a backflip to start the third round, making sure to stick the landing perfectly, and he’ll instantly lose his will to fight.  Then you go on the attack and wait for the referee to get bored enough to stop the fight.  Looks like someone may have finally discovered the secret to beating Fedor.  Better start drilling those flips, Josh Barnett.

Of course, if you can’t pull it off during the fight, it’s bizarrely more impressive to do it after you’ve been choked out.  See what we mean after the jump.