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Seven Days From Now, Bruce Buffer Will Be Crawling Through Your Television Set

The inaugural UFC on Fox event goes down in less than a week, and to get us amped for the big night, someone out there in them internets whipped up this gem of a video, featuring a mash up of the 2002 remake of The Ring with the greatness that is Bruce Buffer. A man already responsible for showing the world such moves as The Buffer 360 and The Buffer Two-Step, Bruce hasn’t had a challenge to keep him busy lately, and though we would have preferred to hear him introduce some of the undercard fights in Spanish, it seems he’s decided that haunting little children was next in line. And now that you’ve all officially joined The Buffer Hitlist, may we suggest you start bidding your close friends and relatives adieu, because when Bruce strikes, “It’s faster than fuckin’ shit.”



Legit ‘WTF?’ Alert: Pat Barry and Mirko Cro Cop Sing “California Dreamin’” in Croatia

(Props: 1inchBoom)

According to Pat Barry’s twitter page, the UFC heavyweight has been in Croatia since last Friday, training and bro’ing out with Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic — the very same Cro Cop who choked him out last year at UFC 115. It’s not like they were ever mortal enemies, and we’ve definitely seen stranger pairings between former rivals, but did you ever expect to see these two bombing around Zagreb singing their lungs out in a car? And Cro Cop’s voice is shockingly good. I mean, not Yoshihiro Akiyama-good, but the man can carry a tune.

Cro Cop is eight days away from his UFC 137 meeting with Roy Nelson, so it seems logical that he’d want to bring in a thick, stocky heavyweight for his training camp. Meanwhile, Barry has plenty of free time after being finished by Stefan Struve earlier this month; his next matchup has not yet been announced.


The Eight Greatest Pranks in ‘Ultimate Fighter’ History

In the early days of The Ultimate Fighter, simply spraying water on a sleeping person was considered a brilliant prank. But after 14 seasons, the bar has been steadily raised for in-house trickery, to the point where even the coaches are now gleefully stripping cars of their tires. We thought we’d pay tribute to the TUF prank tradition by running down the most infamous pranks of the show’s history. Enjoy, and let us know if we’ve left out any of your favorites…

The Pink Room (Season 10)

See, this is what I’m talking about. Any moron can piss on a bed — but it takes a man to spend all afternoon painting walls pink and arranging stuffed animals in vaguely sexual poses. The best moment is at the very end, when Rashad Evans comes to the realization that the pacifier he’d been sucking on had definitely been up Tiki’s ass at some point.

See also: The Chickenmobile, The Team Portrait


Anderson Silva Seduces Marisa Monte in “Ainda Bem” Music Video

(Props: MARISAMONTE via Fabiano C. Obrigado, bro!)

My God this global superstar. Fresh off his stirring performance in that Burger King commercial, Anderson Silva has now popped up as the male lead in Marisa Monte‘s new music video for “Ainda Bem.” Monte is a multi-platinum-selling Brazilian pop singer who’s preparing to release her first album in five years. Anderson Silva is an unbeatable UFC champion who happens to be a very fine dancer.


Video: Jon Jones and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (And Dr. Phil) on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

(Props: JimmyKimmelLive via MMAMania)

I gotta say, Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson‘s appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! wasn’t the tense shout-off that we were afraid it would be. The UFC 135 headliners needled each other at every opportunity, but it was a light-hearted affair for the most part. No, Dr. Phil didn’t try to smooth out their rivalry. Quite the opposite, as you’ll see in part two after the jump.

Jon’s best line: [to Dr. Phil] “You’re a doctor…what’s wrong with this man?”

Quinton’s best line:
[on Jon's ears] “I thought you were the first black gremlin.”


Video: Anderson Silva’s Burger King Commercial Is Utterly Insane

And here we have UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva lip-synching to Minnie Riperton as part of his new endorsement deal with Burger King. The lack of business regulation in Brazil means that BK can legally sell five-patty Deathburgers there, and we totally believe that Silva eats those things all the time. The King is dead. Long live the King.

Semi-related: After the jump, MMA stars predict the winner of Silva vs. Okami in a new video from UFC Connected. Silva juuuuust sneaks by with 100% of the vote.


Video: Chael Sonnen’s Verbal Insanity, In Animated Form

(Props: notlookoutawhale)

The ducking sequence at 3:51-4:04? LOL. The cup-balancing act and Pop-Up Video homage at 4:40-5:18? LMFAO, MF.

Side note: Chael Sonnen ends this classic Helwani interview by promising to corner Yushin Okami at UFC 134. Recently, the people of Brazil vowed to lynch him on Facebook. Chael acted tough on Twitter, then reportedly dick-tucked.


MMA Hall of Shame: Joe Son’s Leopard-Print Thong

(Props: nymeria83)

Despite his woeful lack of judgement last week at UFC 133, Dennis Hallman can only claim to have the second most embarrassing ring attire in MMA history. The #1 spot still belongs to actor-rapist Joe Son and his ass-exposing leopard-print thong.

Nearly seven years after his sole Octagon appearance at UFC 4, in which he had his nuts destroyed by Keith Hackney, Son re-emerged for a trio of fights in 2002, all of which he lost in the first round via injury or terror. His Japanese MMA debut against Yusuke Imamura at Pride The Best Vol. 1 was especially infamous. Joe came out to the ring wearing a bowler-hat (in honor of his role as “Random Task” in Austin Powers), white eye-shadow, and the aforementioned ass-floss.

You can see clips of the debacle in the above highlight-reel. Skip to the 2:14-2:28 mark to witness the PRIDE rope-crew earn their paychecks in the most humiliating way possible. As with his two subsequent fights, Son tapped before his opponent could inflict any apparent damage. But by that point, he had violated every set of eyeballs in the audience. Joe Son, you are truly MMA’s Worst Person Ever.


Video: Yeah, Pat Barry’s Gonna Be Just Fine Against Stefan Struve

(Props: hypeordie via NonstopRocker03)

Well that’s one way to deal with a one-foot height disadvantage. And we all know that Stefan Struve is vulnerable to a good superman punch. Can Pat Barry actually pull that off when they meet at UFC on Versus 6 in October?

After the jump, things get even weirder. Like, uncomfortable-weird. Like, I’m not actually suggesting that you watch this next video.


UFC 133: Rivera vs. Sakara — The Pre-Fight Interview Video That Could Have Been…

Look, these two guys are never going to fight, okay? Even Sakara has permanently given up on it. Which makes this video from Ranger Up almost a collector’s item — a memento from a mythical bout that never happened. The RU boys filmed it a few weeks ago, back when it looked like the middleweight slugfest was finally going to come to fruition. No dice. Now all we have is this preview package, in which Alessio and Jorge talk about how much they respect each other. What’s the opposite of “no love lost between these two”? “Lots of love lost”? Because that doesn’t make any damn sense either.