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Technique of the Week: Jonathan Ivey’s Beach-Ball Barrel Roll Against Ken Shamrock

(Props: jgreff2)

As you may recall, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock scored a rare victory over Jonathan Ivey last month at a USA MMA event in Lousiana. If you’d like to see the full 15-minute battle, the video is currently in our "Fight of the Week" section over on the right. (Scroll down a bit. Yeah, there it is.) The above highlights package from Inside MMA saves you a lot of time by rounding up the important moments, like when Ivey knocks Shammy down, and later when he slaps his own titties and shouts at Ken to bring it on, like an enraged, diabetic Nick Diaz.

But the best moment comes right before the end of the fight when Ivey does a pair of somersaults for no apparent reason; we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was rolling for a kneebar, then dodged out of the way when he couldn’t catch it. Kenny Rice describes it both as a "Rerun impression" and "the dreidel defense." Oy vey, Ivey!

Bonus, after the jump: Jonathan Ivey gets beat up by "very internet savvy" UFC heavyweight Sean McCorkle, at an LFC event in May.


Video: Steven Seagal Is Just Throat-Striking the Sh*t Out of Lyoto Machida

(Props: MarcosAlvaredo)

On last week’s Bum Rush epsiode, we ragged on Quinton Jackson for training with actor/stuntman/fighter Lance Gibson, whose 4-5 MMA career includes appearances in the UFC, SuperBrawl, and Shooto, and whose theatrical credits include "Bouncer," "Security Guard," and "Doorman." Of course, Jackson’s upcoming UFC 123 opponent is Lyoto Machida, a serious martial artist. That’s why, like Anderson Silva before him, Machida is taking aikido lessons from Steven Seagal. Nope, we see nothing worth mocking here whatsoever.


Fail of the Century: Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Butterbean

(Props: ix3623vault)

After a laughably transparent hype-up, Mariusz Pudzianowski and Eric "Butterbean" Esch squared off Saturday night at KSW 14 in Lodz, Poland. The main event was a disaster before the fight even started. Check out the above video, in which an underprepared Polish soul-singer named Mateusz Krauwurst absolutely murders "The Star Spangled Banner" in a botched tribute to Esch’s homeland/shorts. For reference, here’s a quick phonetic transcript:

"Ohhh say can you see
Mah’downse, duh-early lied
Were so proudly behaaaaaaved
Byyyyy the twilight’s that leaving
[pause, scattered laughter]
Hair the rockets were glare
And the rockets were glurrrrrr…
[singer nervously hums, then quits]"

It didn’t bode well for the 450-pound American power-puncher. And unfortunately, the fight was just as embarassing… 


Must-See: Clay Guida’s Greatest Burps, Spinning Backfist Knockout in Women’s MMA Fight

(Props: lookoutawhale via MMAMania)

He did it again: Between rounds in his fight against Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 117, Clay Guida unleashed his trademark Carpenter Burp. Notice how Guida does his best to ensure that the cutman is spared the rancid yogurt-and-Red Bull scent that is surely blasting out of his g.i. tract. That’s a courteous man right there. The definitive compilation of Clay’s UFC-era burps is above; if you enjoy this sort of thing, then enjoy. It’s definitely more fun than watching Kendall Grove pull strips of flesh out of a staph wound, Cabin Fever-style.

After the jump: Jenny Yum ruins Lindsay "Amazon Barbie" Jones’s night with a spinning backfist, at a Tuff-N-Uff event on Friday.


Video of the Day: Chuck Liddell Has That Look in His Eyes…

(Props: acray4448 via Fightlinker)

There’s only one explanation for this: Chuck Liddell‘s walkout-expression is so intense that it causes amnesia. When the Iceman comes out for the main event on Saturday, it will have been almost 14 months since Mike and Joe saw that unnameable, unknowable look in his eyes. But will they mention it for the fifth consecutive time?

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Videos: Ridiculous Judo Armbar, An Army of Two

(Props: MMA Share)

This is one of those rare crazy armbars that works exactly like it was drawn up, and it’s pulled off by a judo guy, no less.  How often does that happen?  Probably a little more often where there’s a gi to hold on to and the guy you’re doing it on has more experience with throws than submissions, but we still think it’s pretty cool.  The throw that follows it is also not bad, as long as you don’t mind giving your back to your opponent as soon as you hit the mat.

You know what’s far less cool, though?  You will after the jump.