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‘How Are MMA Fighters Spending Their Summer Vacations?’ — Photoshop Contest Winners

Quinton Rampage Jackson photoshop MMA funny tubing
(Todd S.)

Chuck Liddell<br />
photoshop shuffleboard MMA funny photos
(Adam F.)

Thanks to everybody who submitted entries for our first-ever Facebook photoshop contest! Y’all gave us some legit LOL’s, for real. And if we could give CagePotato t-shirts to all of you, we totally would, but instead we’re just going to choose our eleven favorites, which continue after the jump. If your work has been posted, hit up with your shirt size and address, and we’ll get you sorted. We hope your summers are going this well…


‘Ranger Up’ Caption Contest: The Winners!

Urijah Faber WEC AMP fans
(Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

After sifting through over 250 entries — most of them surprisingly hilarious — we are pleased to announce the winners of our latest caption contest, brought to you by Ranger Up. But first, some honorable mentions…

danomite: Angela could only watch and wait patiently for the day to come when she too would be old enough to drunkenly walk over to some guy she’s never met before and ask him to scribble his name on her boobs.

jimmylegs: Guy in the background: "Which one do you want? I’ll take the freaky chick wearing the hat."

Slampage: Darrill Schoonover gets a sweet autograph from Urijah.

Harry Nips: "We’re keeping it PG-13 for the kid. Urijah, do you mind putting some underwear on your ass-chin?"

cagepotato: "I can’t wait to go home and show this to my boyfriend, Jose."
[Ed. note: No, we're not shouting out ourselves. Some joker started an account as "cagepotato" to post this. Luckily, he/she did us proud.]

hotsaucemonster: "and could you make it out to Ebay?"

Millertime84: Do me a Faber, sign these Knockers.
[Ed. note: As the great Mark Twain once said, "If you don't like a good pun, then fuck you."]

And the winners are…


Caption Contest: Win an ‘Unrivaled’ DVD!

When we first told you about Unrivaled, we wondered if Hector Echavarria had "finally created an MMA movie that’s worth renting." Well, it’s time to find out for sure. Thanks to Lionsgate and, we’ve just been hooked up with five copies of the flick, which features UFC stars Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Keith Jardine, and Nate Marquardt, and of course writer/star Hector Echavarria as a retired fighter seeking one last shot at glory. Want one of the DVDs? Too bad, because we’re keeping them all.

Okay, fine, we’ll let you guys have them, but only if you provide a hilarious caption to the photo after the jump…


Josh Koscheck Is Being Photoshopped Into a Living Death

Koscheck Bob Ross photoshop

Josh Koscheck Garbage Pail Kid
(Images courtesy of The UG.)

Who knows what will happen when Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley mix it up at UFC 113 (May 8th, Montreal), but Semtex has scored a first-round KO in the battle of insulting pre-fight Photoshops. Peeved at Koscheck’s recent Twitter outbursts, Daley stopped by The UG earlier today to post this call to arms:

Heard Koscheck, talking a little….but a real man, can tell his chat is just a front….I can smell his pussy from here….Bitch
For my Supporters, we are also running a competition to help Josh….we can all see he is in desperate need of some advice about what to do with his Blonde ‘Fro…..So PHOTOSHOP PEOPLE, Wining hair style will be handed to Josh at the pre fight press conference…..

The UG’ers quickly got to work whipping up a batch of photoshop destruction, the highlights of which you can see above and after the jump. (See, we told you that forum was the shit.) Enjoy, and if you have your own Joshoshops to add, please post links in the comments section or e-mail ‘em to us…


Congrats, Amir…

Amir Sadollah glamour shot
(Props: via MMA Weekly Insider blog)

You definitely earned this one. And speaking of breathtaking fighter images…


Shameless Plug: You Should Download the ‘ Videos’ iPhone App Right Now

Gina Carano naked weigh-ins censored
("I love the Videos app, and I love you! Let’s get married!" — Actual quote from Gina Carano)

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that if you’re a regular reader of this site, you’re probably a young-ish dude. As a young-ish dude, you spend a great deal of your Internet time gawking at photos of hot chicks and watching videos of incompetent German magicians accidentally slamming nails through their hands. Maybe you have one of those fancy iPhones. And if all that is true, or at least close to true, then you really owe it to yourself to download’s new iPhone app from the iTunes store. iPhone app videos iPhone app

The Videos app brings a metric assload of funny right to the palm of your hand. Everything from viral videos of pranks, stunts, sexy girls, epic fails, and original sketch comedy, to handpicked photo galleries — it’s all absolutely free, and worth every penny. Download it here and thank us later.

To make up for this interruption in your normal MMA-coverage service, there’s a brand-new Paul Daley highlight video after the jump that you might be interested in…


Even as a Baby, Brock Lesnar Would Swallow You Without Chewing

Brock Lesnar baby picture
("…moooooooorrrrrrrre brreeeeeaaaaaaasssssst miiiiiiiiilllllllk…")

Props to Fightlinker for unearthing this absolutely amazing baby picture of Brock Lesnar, proving once and for all that Lesnar arrived in this world enormous, ornery, and ready to consume everything in his path. (Not pictured: The tiny pacifier tattoo on his chest.) Check out that Krang-esque head-shape; my God, his poor mother. More awesome pics of MMA fighters as youngsters after the jump…


Win ‘The Stand Up Game,’ Ranger Up’s Sityodtong Shirt In Our Fabio-Approved Caption Contest

Arianny Celeste MMA UFC Fabio

I know what you’re thinking: That’s just too much sexyness for me to handle; I must turn off my computer for a while and walk around the block until my head clears. And Fabio knows you’re thinking that too, and he’s cool with it.

Apparently, the above image was shot during an infomercial-taping for Fabio’s Healthy Planet Protein System, and since we just came into the possession of some very cool prizes, we’re using it as the basis of a caption contest this week.

First up, we’ve got a signed copy of Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger‘s new book for Victory Belt, The Stand-Up Game, in which Jackson shares his arsenal of striking techniques and methods for developing game-plans; the book even includes a chapter on street-fighting. Also, we have Ranger Up‘s new Team Sityodtong tribute tee to give away. If you haven’t checked out RU’s shirts before, do yourself a favor.

Please submit your captions to the above picture in the comments section below by noon ET on Friday. The best one will get the book, the second best one will get the shirt, and any other runners-up that we deem worthy will get the Hall of Fame. Cool? Well, get goin’.

Jackson's MMA The Stand Up Game book