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Emilio Estevez Isn’t Impressed With Chael’s Letter to Anderson Silva [VIDEO]

(“When I was a teenager and I was having problems in West Linn, my mom sent me to live with my Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air. I’ll never forget how bad the cab driver smelled that took me to their house.”)

It appears the Gangster from America is back to his old tricks copping material and claiming it as his own.

You might recall that Chael “borrowed” his post-fight UFC on Fox 2 speech from former pro wrestler “Superstar” Billy Graham. Now it seems, as pointed out by several of our astute readers, that the number one UFC middleweight contender has claimed artistic license on a bit made famous by Emilio Estevez in the 1988 movie Young Guns.

Check out the videos and transcriptions for comparison after the jump.


Video of the Day: Chael Sonnen Gives Some Kids Disturbing Advice On How to Compete

(Video courtesy of Flo Wrestling)

Chael Sonnen did a seminar back in November for some youth at the Northeast Duals’ “MMA Fest,” held at Hudson Valley Community College in New York where he gave an inspiring speech about how to match intensity with an opponent.

“One thing on intensity, and I hope that we’re all old enough that I can tell this without people taking it for something that it’s not, but when we’re being intense and we’re out there and we’re competing — wrestling, fighting, MMA, whatever it is — I need to match my partner’s intensity. I can’t let him come in and bully me,” Sonnen explained. “I can’t let him pick on me. For some of you younger guys, eventually you’ll be getting into high school as freshman and these older guys are gonna push you around a little bit. Then you’ll go back and do it to the next group. It’s just the way that it works. You get to college and it’s intimidating because the intensity’s a little different. You gotta match ‘em.”

Sounds like good advice so far. Maybe Chael does have a career in politics if he can ever get his criminal record expunged by an outgoing president. Let’s listen to what other sage advice the Gangster from America has for the youth of the nation .


Video of the Week: Chael Sonnen Says F*ck Canada or at Least This Reporter Who Lives There

Chael Sonnen lets reporter have it – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Our favorite quote generatorChael Sonnen was interviewed on Canadian sport network TSN today by infamous pot stirrer Michael Lansberg and let’s just say that if he was acting, he deserves an Oscar.

Things got heated from the very beginning when Lansberg asked the number one UFC middleweight contender why he “backed down” from the loser leaves town challenge he issued UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

“You might want to take the bass out of your tone, I’m not sure you know who you’re talking to here, but I’ve never backed down from anything, so check your facts,” Sonnen said. “If I tell you I’ll sell you my car for $10,000, do you think I can just call you back a year from now and say, ‘I’ll take the $10,000 for the car’? That’s not how offers work. Is that how you do business in Canada? Cause in my country, that created business, offers expire.I made him an offer, apparently it didn’t work, he didn’t accept it. It’s not that I backed down, but apparently I need to present him with a new offer. You guys probably don’t do that in socialism, but in America, in a capitalistic society, that’s how things work.”


Video: Chael Sonnen is Sick of Anderson Silva’s Reluctance to Fight and Vitor Belfort’s Bankrupt Mouth Writing Checks

ProMMANow caught up with Chael Sonnen over the weekend and they asked the number one UFC middleweight contender if he thinks the rumored bout with Anderson Silva will happen soon. As usual, Chael didn’t hold back especially when talking about Silva’s seeming unwillingness to fight him again and the recent callout he got from Vitor Belfort.

“Listen, I’m gonna go fight whether it’s him or it’s someone else, I’m not gonna hold back. I fight them all. I am the middleweight champion and I take on all comers and he’s an impostor. The clear distinction between the tru champion and that bum is that. I’ll fight ‘em all. I don’t care what their name is, what their record is…big fight, little fight, this fight, that fight…I will fight. Period. Vitor Belfort calls me out, that’s no problem, Vitor,” Sonnen stated. “I will stomp you just as sure as I’ll do this interview today. You mean nothing to me, okay? You wanna fight me? Let’s fight. Got that, Vitor? You challenged me. I accept your challenge, stupid. Now what are you gonna do? Nothing, are you? You just said it ‘cuz you knew my plate was full. Wrong. I will stomp you.”


Video of the Day: Chael Sonnen Really Does Speak Spanish

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMALatino)

When Chael Sonnnen tried to blame his comments about Lance Armstrong getting cancer from PED use on a Mexican imposter nobody bought it, but there could have been some truth to the story.


It Looks Like Chael Sonnen’s Slights About Brazil May Have Finally Caught Up With Him

(Video courtesy of Youtube/twistereddie)

It was inevitable that a Brazilian with the credentials to back up his threats would give Chael Sonnen a piece of his mind for the Xenophobic remarks “The American Gangster” has been spouting off about the South American country. 27-time Mundials champ Renato Laranja released the video above calling out Sonnen for disrespecting him and his homeland, and let’s just say he pulled no punches.

“Ashely Sonnen. I’m see you. I can see you right now. You’ve been talking your big mouths. You been talking a lot of stuffs.You talk a lot of respect for Brazil. You stay a lot of stuff like, ‘They pet the bus and they feed the carrot to the bus.’ That’s a very funny stuffs. But you say we don’t have a the Internet in Brazil. I think you’re wrong. I know I have Internet in Brazil. We have everything. I have a MySpace. I’m a new with the thing. Every kids have the MySpace. I have my job friends. I have Marco Ruas. I have Pedro. I have the Pedro. I have a de Pedro Rizzo. Those guys who clean the streets, he told me to put MySpace I don’t know how long ago it was. Maybe even three months ago he told me to put it. I download the music I call in Napster. You can’t tell me about the Internet.”


Video: Chael Sonnen is a Gangster From America

(Video courtesy of YouTube/StocktonHeyBuddy)

Something to break up an otherwise slow news day.