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Hey, You Ever Get So Drunk That You Start Kissing Another Dude in Front of Natasha Wicks?

(Props, I guess: Fightlinker on Vimeo)

…because Tom Lawlor and Kyle Kingsbury have. Boy, have they ever. This regrettable booze-fueled moment is the latest example of what I’ve started calling the “Nick Ring Theory” (previously known as the “Seth Petruzelli Theory“): At a certain point, pretending to be gay to get a rise out of people becomes a lifestyle choice in itself. But they seem happy, so who am I to judge?

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Videos: This Is Not a Video Blog; The Gays Are Still Upset

We’ve already told you that Dana White will be giving the video blogs a rest after that faggot-thing blew up in his face (no homo), and now there’s this new video that basically confirms it…OR DOES IT?!? Give it a look, and get ready for the most stunning shock ending since The Happening. (Are you fucking serious? The trees did it?) Basically, Dana White is the new Lenny Bruce now, or something. It is he who is persecuted. Props for the Bob Dylan-reference, I guess.

Below: Street-gays respond to Dana White’s recent hate-speech. We had no idea Greg Jackson was gay, but there he is, on the left, at the 1:14 mark. Audio very NSFW. +1 for the cameo by the HotForWords chick @ 0:39.

(Props: RicoRado)


Video: Dana White Apologizes to the Gays

After being called out by GLAAD for his use of the word "faggot" in his rage-filled pre-"Condit vs. Kampmann" rant, Dana White has stepped up with a formal-ish apology (see above), which leads into the fight-night edition of the Danavlog. As soon as he starts with the phrase "anybody who knows me," it’s clear that this might not be the most satisfying mea culpa. But he gives it his best shot, saying he’d never maliciously attack somebody who wasn’t attacking him, and "the last thing that I would ever want anybody to think about me or think is cool is to go out and attack somebody because of their sexual orientation." So, whatever; we’ll see if that smoothes things over. It’s worth noting that he doesn’t include any apology for calling Loretta Hunt a "fuckin’ dumb bitch," though as Kevin Iole points out, it was her own damn fault for getting called a dumb bitch in the first place. Yeesh, talk about blaming the victim.

After the apology, Dana checks in with the event’s fighters and has his requisite dick-punching session with Tiki Ghosn and Rampage. "What the fuck am I going to do with you two," Dana says at the 8:21 mark. "What are you gonna do with these two retards?" Expect an apology to the Special Needs Alliance to come early next week.

UPDATE, from Meltzer:

"[A]s things stand at this point, White’s public profile is going to be greatly reduced
*White will be doing no more video blogs
*White has pulled out of doing a reality show based on his life that was scheduled to start filming
*He is going to cut back greatly on dealing with the media and greatly reduce his public role in the company"

Meltzer doesn’t cite any sources, and he’s misinformed on a regular basis, so treat this as a rumor.