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Even Gegard Mousasi Hates That Stupid Nickname

Gegard Mousasi
(After being assured several times that it will not steal his soul or condemn him to hell, Mousasi relaxes his usual prohibitions against graven images.)

For a bad, bad man, Gegard Mousasi sure has a lame, lame nickname.  According to Strikeforce, it’s “The Dreamcatcher,” which, as far as we know, is a woven trinket associated with Native American tribes that is often found hanging off the rear-view mirror of a hippie’s car.  In what way is Mousasi like a dreamcatcher?  We have no freaking clue.  Judging by what he told Cage Writer’s Maggie Hendricks, neither does he:

"My friend came up with it, so blame it on him. I don’t like nicknames, to be honest. I have a lot of nicknames. They called me Kingo in Japan, they called me the Young Vagabond, but that sounds bad, then Soldier of Fortune, now they call me the Dream Catcher. He said that’s a good name. It’s original. I read on the internet that people don’t like the name. [Ed. note: Whoops] I’d rather have no nickname, but with my style, you can’t really put a name on it. A good nickname for me hasn’t come up. I told Strikeforce that I didn’t want to use a nickname, but they put it up anyway."