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Paulo Filho Says He Will Likely Retire After His Next Bout in November

(Filho pointing out his biggest problems in life: bitches and money.)

Paulo Filho today responded to the Portal do Vale Tudo story released this week in which his former manager and friend Rodrigo Riscada accused the former WEC middleweight champion of still being strongly addicted to GHB. “Ely” told Tatame that he is over his addiction and that he is also likely done with fighting after his
contracted KSW 17 bout against Mamed Khalidov in November.

According to Filho, who is reportedly in debt to a few people in Brazil, reportedly due to his massive addiction to rohypnol and the fact that he missed out on the Zuffa drug plan by a couple years, he is planning on walking away from the sport because he received death threats over his drug debts.

“I’m choosing retirement, man… I may fight in November (in Poland) because I already signed the contract. after that I will retire. I don’t want this anymore. I’m kind of disappointed with this stuff, fighting and not getting paid. I don’t want people comforting me, I just want what is mine. That’s the third time I fight and not get paid. I was the threatened of death by people I owe here in Niteroi.”

Now, I’ve never done roofies, at least not to my knowledge, but maybe someone with knowledge on the subject could correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking his lack of correlative logic is a direct result of his drug use. I mean, if I were in huge debt and the only moneymaking skill I had fighting, I would likely not retire. But that’s just me.


According to Friend and Pseudo-Manager, Paulo Filho Still Dangerously Addicted to Roofies

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Cyberplex)

Last week Porto do Vale Tudo published an interview with Paulo Filho in which the troubled former WEC middleweight champion denied reports that he was dangerously addicted to Rohypnol again and in hopeless financial debt. According to Filho, his friend Rodrigo Riscada, whom he lived with for the better part of the last five months and who was acting as his manager, has yet to pay him the money he received for his last two bouts and is spreading lies about his addiction and financial woes, which Paulo says are simply untrue.

Riscada responded to the interview this week and revealed that Filho’s issues are serious and if left untreated could lead to his untimely death.

According to Riscada, Filho is taking upwards of 60 roofies per day and on top of the potentially lethal dosage of GHB, he is injecting four vials of the veterinary steroid potenai daily as well.

(Riscada and Filho before their falling out.)

Although Filho says he’s clean, Riscada paints a different picture of sleeping on the floor beside Paulo’s bed and hiding his stash from the embattled fighter to make sure he wasn’t sneaking off to use drugs.