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GIF of the Day: Soccer Mom Gets Faceplant KO’d Twice In Hysterically Brutal Fashion [UPDATED]

If you thought Sensei Segal’s recent demonstration was a masterful display of martial arts ineptitude, just wait until you see this.

Posted on r/mma earlier this morning, the GIF you are about to gaze upon with your eyeballs is not only the clear frontrunner for “MMA GIF of the Year” at this year’s Potato Awards, but should sweep the “Steve Nelmark Memorial ‘Is (s)he Dead?’ Award”, “MMA Fail of the Year”, and “Most Embarrassing Knockout of the Year” categories as well. Come to think of it, it will probably take home the “Greatest Unsanctioned Fight of the Year” prize too, because there is no way on God’s green earth that the fight captured in this gif was sanctioned by any athletic commission ever. It is truly one of the most laughable, horrific, captivating, and heartbreakingly sad 5-second animated images you will ever see, and I say that with absolutely zero hyperbole.


GIF of the Day: At Least Paul Daley Still Knows How to Knock a Motherf*cker Out

(Aaaaaaand boom goes the dynamite. GIF via Zombie Prophet.)

It’s a well known fact that a Brazilian’s merit in the cage can be determined by how many names they have before Silva (the fewer the better). Think about it: Anderson Silva, Wanderlei SilvaGiant Silva — all great fighters, all adhering to the two-name paradigm. Bruno Gustavo Aparecido da Silva, on the other hand, is simply too long to fit on a lunchbox and therefore not capable of achieving greatness. Unfortunately, Romario Manoel da Silva was a “Manoel da” away from said greatness when he stepped into the cage against Paul Daley at BAMMA 14 last weekend and was nearly decapitated for his insolence.

In a classic “Did he died?” moment, Daley unleashes a hellacious left uppercut on da Silva early in the second round, folding him up like a steel chair after an ice cream social. With the win, Daley improved to 5-1 in his last 6 and 34-13 overall. With punches like that, it should come as no surprise that all of Daley’s past 5 wins have come via (T)KO.

We’ve thrown a full video of Daley-da Silva after the jump, so check it out and give us your best Smokey from Friday reaction to the KO in the comments section.


GIF of the Day: Russian Dude Gets KO’d By Head Kick, Eats an Illegal Self-Knee on the Way Down

(The first self-induced double KO since Hamill vs. Munoz, everybody. Gif courtesy of @ZProphet_MMA.)

While attending a charity boxing event yesterday — the cleverly dubbed “Haymakers for Hope” — my roommate and I got into a discussion about what ethnic and geographic backgrounds could be combined to make the “perfect” boxer, or MMA fighter for that matter. It was basically a hypothetical game of Racist Transformers, but is it really racist if it’s both hypothetical and rooted in positive stereotypes? I digress.

In any case, we both agreed that a Russian component would have to be in the mix somehow. While my roommate argued that a Russian-born Irishman raised in Brazil would make for a true “Ultimate Fighter” (which, considering what the average trip to the gas station can be like down there, is a sound choice), I believed a Brazilian-born Samoan raised in the desolate, hopeless tundras of Mother Russia would surely become the undefeatable killing machine prophesied in the before times. “All Russians know is despair,” I said. “And that makes them stronger.”

Last night’s ProFC 50 bout between Boris Miroshnichenko and Herman Yakubov both confirmed and denied my suspicions about the Russian people. While Yakubov, a Russian, was KO’d in the first round by his Belarusian counterpart, he also made sure to knock himself out again with his own knee on the way down, lawn chair style, and a third time when his head hit the canvas — as if to say, “Although you have damaged me, comrade, know that your damage holds not a candle to those wrought by my own devices. For what is life but the prolonging of inevitable death? And what is death, if not a face at peace…”

Crazy Russians.

-J. Jones


GIF of the Day: Jorge Rodrigues Silva Shows Us The *Humane* Way to Vaporize a Knee

(Gif via @ZProphet_MMA)

I know we’ve already touched upon this, but I’d just like to say that Rousimar Palhares is a malicious dingleberry whose recent firing was completely justified. That people are attempting to defend a man with an overt history of assholishness by pulling the “he’s just a simple-minded troglodyte who suffers temporary blackouts” card is a testament to our species’ ability to delude ourselves. These are the same people, mind you, that immediately and vehemently condemned Jon Jones for going joyriding after a few too many drinks last May. Because committing an isolated mistake while drunk makes you an unforgivable idiot, but repeatedly disregarding the most basic rule(s) of a discipline you have been training your entire life makes you misunderstood! IS THIS HOW UNICEF WORKS, YOU GUYS?!!

The damndest thing is that Palhares’ lack of empathy is soiling what would otherwise be a string of incredibly impressive submissions. Guys like Jorge Rodrigues Silva, on the other hand, seem to operate under the assumption that impressive submissions can be achieved without malicious intent behind them*. Just check out the sub he pulled off on Ken Jackson at Brasil Fight 7 last Friday. Sure, it was no “Inverted Twister Cruciplata” or “Roor-naked choke” (*dodges vaudeville hook*), but a reverse kneebar secured using only your legs? Golf clap, good sir. Golf clap.

After the jump: A full video of the fight, also courtesy of Zombie Prophet.


GIF of the Day: Gustavo Franca Channels Corey Hill, Shatters Leg at WOSC 24

(Oh, just rub some dirt on it, you fairy. We’re sure you’ll be fine.) 

If this .gif from last weekend’s WOCS 24 bout between Magno Alexandre and Gustavo Franca proved anything, it’s that you don’t need to possess a freakish, 6’4″ lightweight frame like Corey Hill to have your leg snapped like a toothpick in an MMA fight. During the first round of a main card featherweight contest, Franca — like Hill before him — threw a low leg kick that was effortlessly checked by Alexandre. Which would have be fine…had Franca not taken a sworn oath against calcium in the 5th grade.

Franca’s leg proceeded to disintegrate beneath him, and I proceeded to regurgitate the contents of my breakfast all over myself. Thankfully, I usually start the day with a fifth of Elijah Craig (aged 18 years) and some York Peppermint Patties, the combination of which tastes just as good going down the second time in puree form.

So, Potato Nation, great lawn chair knockout or GREATEST lawn chair knockout?

-J. Jones


GIF of the Day: Xavier Foupa-Pokam Does His Best Aaron Ralston Impression at BAMMA 11

(Perhaps “Professor X” should consider changing his nickname to “Mister Fantastic.”)

Since being ousted from the UFC following a pair of losses to Denis Kang and Drew McFedries in 2009, the times have been tough on Xavier “Professor X” Foupa-Pokam. He’s won just three out of his past twelve fights (which could be worse *cough* Sean Salmon *cough*) and he had to suffer through this hellacious armbar at the hands of Jack Marshman in his appearance at BAMMA 11 on December 1st just to walk away with a split decision victory.

A credit is due to Pokam for gritting it out through such a dicey moment, but he should also be thanking his lucky stars that he was fighting a relatively inexperienced ground fighter in Marshman, who has apparently yet to learn what even Jim Norton could tell you: The key to a solid armbar comes from elevating the hips, not going palm-to-palm like Frank Mir on an inside shoulder lock. It was a nasty hold, no doubt, but Ronda Rousey would have finished that shit. Just sayin’.


GIF of the Day: Ronda Rousey Tosses Nick Diaz Like a Sack of Potatoes

(“Get that trip takedown shit outta here, homie.”)

MMA H.E.A.T. provided us with the footage of Ronda Rousey training with Nick Diaz for today’s GIF goodness.

As Manny Gamburyan and Nate Diaz explain, Ronda’s judo — which earned the 24-year-old a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing — is on a whole other level than other women they’ve trained with. Here is the proof.

Also of note is Nate’s revelation that he would don a gi and pretend he was Karo Parisyan when he helped Nick train for his UFC 49 fight with “The Heat.” back in 2004. It’s safe to say he definitely knew who Karo was when they butted heads on the set of TUF.

Check out the full video spot after the jump.