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The Potato Index: Strikeforce – Carano vs. Cyborg Recap

Cyborg Santos vs. Gina Carano fight
(Whoa, whoa, Cyborg. Didn’t Strikeforce ask you very nicely to refrain from messing up Gina’s face if possible? The girl’s got to make a living after this.)

Where do this weekend’s Strikeforce participants stand after their crushing defeats and triumphant victories?  Let’s consult the Potato Index’s arbitrary numerical rankings system to see whose stock fell and whose is on the rise.

“Cyborg” Santos +236
She absolutely overwhelmed Carano with her power and aggression.  A little sloppiness and a couple of failed takedown attempts show she still has room for improvement, but she came up big in the most important fight in the history of women’s MMA.  Let’s see how many people tune in to see her next fight before we decide what kind of future there is for female main events.

Gina Carano -131
The face of women’s MMA took a beating on Saturday night, but what does it mean for her celebrity and the popularity of the women’s division?  That’s still unclear, but at least we found out what happens when Carano has to face a real striker.  Maybe fewer photo shoots and more time in the gym would have helped?


Cyborg vs. Carano: What the Ref Saw

(Props: MMA-Core)

If you’re one of the people taking issue with referee Josh Rosenthal’s stoppage of the Gina Carano vs. Cris "Cyborg" Santos main event at Strikeforce, last night, you might ought to pause and look at this.  Here’s what it looked like from where Rosenthal was standing.  What he sees is a downed Carano who is not making any attempt to intelligently defend herself from a torrent of right hands.  He seems willing to let her try to ride out the end of the round, but when Cyborg slips a right around her defenses and Carano appears to spasm with shock after the punch, that’s when Rosenthal has to stop it. 

If you still need convincing, look at Gina’s reaction after the stoppage.  She’s saying something there, but I don’t think it’s, ‘You idiot, I was just about to launch my counter-attack!’