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Gina Carano Has a New Boyfriend (Spoiler Alert: It Ain’t You, Buddy)

(Superman: Quite an upgrade from Kit Cope. / Photo courtesy of Wenn via EntertainmentWise. Lots more photos of the new Hollywood power couple are after the jump.)

Disclaimer: Posting stuff like this makes us feel about as dirty as posting that other thing, but in a completely different way. Yes, this is gossipy tabloid bullshit not worthy of the ePaper it’s ePrinted on — but you can’t look me in the eye and say you’re no longer interested in Gina Carano, her rumored love life, or how she looks when she’s dolled up for a night on the town. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Search your heart. You know it to be true. Here’s UsMagazine with the story:

Gina Carano had a hunk on her arm at the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in Santa Monica, Calif., Jan. 10. The 30-year-old actress, who was nominated for Best Actress in an Action Movie for Hawyire, walked down the red carpet with Man of Steel’s leading man, Henry Cavill, 29. Carano (in Roland Mouret) and Cavill (in Tom Ford) stayed by each other’s side throughout the evening.

According to Just Jared, the two have been spotted together multiple times within the past few months. E! News reports the former MMA fighter and the Immortals actor began dating in September 2012…Carano is rumored to be making a surprise appearance as Wonder Woman in Cavill’s new film, Man of Steel. The movie hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

As we previously reported, Gina Carano will also be appearing in the upcoming Fast & Furious 6, and might be in that Lady Expendables thing.


‘GQ’ Releases Four More Fantastic Photos From Gina Carano Shoot

gina carano gq photos mma haywire movie sexy fighter
(Props: GQ. Click all photos for larger versions.)

Following up on the success of The Greatest Gina Carano Photo of All-Time, GQ has released four more photos of Gina in an online gallery accompanying their interview with the Haywire star from the January 2012 issue. We’ve placed the other photos after the jump, along with a bonus photo-shoot video that you’ll also want to see.


This Gina Carano Photo May Be the Greatest Gina Carano Photo of All Time

Gina Carano GQ Haywire
(Click here for the glorious full-size version. Props: GQ via Fightlinker)

Actress/fighter Gina Carano is featured in the January 2012 issue of GQ, plugging her movie Haywire, and we’re finding it hard to concentrate on anything else today. Granted, we’ve seen some amazing photos of this woman over the years, but this is some next-level shit right here. Okay, Hollywood, you can have her. It’s for the greater good.


Gina Carano Gets Physical (Again) in New ‘Haywire’ Movie Photos

Gina Carano Haywire movie new photos triangle choke bedroom fight scene MMA

Props to UG member “pervert” (naturally). Click for full-size version; two more after the jump. Haywire is now slated for an August release.


Photo Gallery: Gina Carano Beats Up Ewan McGregor for ‘Haywire’

Gina Carano Ewan McGregor Haywire photo gallery movie MMA photos fight beach

Gina Carano Ewan McGregor Haywire photo gallery movie MMA photos fight beach

Gina Carano and co-star Ewan McGregor recently filmed a beach fight scene during re-shoots for their upcoming movie Haywire. Zimbio has 55 photos from the make-believe scrap in a gallery called “Ewan McGregor on the Beach.” (Way to miss the point, guys.) We went though and picked our 20 favorites. Enjoy the carnage.


Gina Carano Weigh-In Pics and Video

Gina Carano weigh-in Strikeforce photos pics sexy hot stripping
Gina Carano hot weigh-in photos picsGina Carano weigh in photos hot StrikeforceGina Carano Cris Cyborg weigh-in photos MMAGina Carano hot body pics weigh ins Strikeforce MMA
Gina Carano weigh-in photos Cris CyborgGina Carano fist pose Strikeforce Carano vs. Cyborg weigh ins photos picsGina Carano Cris Cyborg Strikeforce MMA weigh in photos picsGina Carano Cris Cyborg face-off staredown pics photos Strikeforce MMA
(For lots more Carano vs. Cyborg weigh-in pics, hit up CombatLifestyle and

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

The face of women’s MMA was in fine form at yesterday’s weigh-ins — which is unsurprising, considering Scott Coker was weighing her every day. We’ll be liveblogging the Showtime broadcast of "Carano vs. Cyborg" tonight starting at 10:30 p.m. ET, so swing by and let us know what you think. After the jump: The ultra-slick show-opening video for Carano vs. Cyborg. Deal with it, Gladiator.


Photos: Gina Carano Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Good

Gina Carano MMA Strikeforce hot

Gina Carano MMA StrikeforceGina Carano wraps MMA StrikeforceGina Carano tough pose MMA Strikeforce ShowtimeGina Carano training MMA Strikeforce Showtime photos

Gina Carano training bounce pics Strikeforce MMA ShowtimeGina Carano stretching legs MMA Strikeforce ShowtimeRandy Couture Gina Carano MMA StrikeforceGina Carano Frank Shamrock MMA Strikeforce
(Props: via Fightlinker)

Showtime has posted a great set of photos (taken by the incomparable Esther Lin) of Gina Carano training for her upcoming Strikeforce fight against Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos — with a few shots of her just standing around looking hot. In the second to last pic, Randy Couture demonstrates the irresistable power of the jorts. You can check out the rest of the pics here.